Dollars and Sense

Funding for the band's activities comes from these sources (but they only work if individuals participate...):

Band class fees
Each student is required to pay a $15 class fee for EACH class  (i.e., a student enrolled in both Jazz Band and Symphonic band will pay a total of $30 for the year).

Instrument user fees
$70 annual school instrument user fees/$70 percussion fees are paid to Ms. Luttrell at the cashier's window in the Commons. These funds go directly to district office c/o Jean Hill to be budgeted for LHS instrument maintenance.

We will engage in some fundraisers to defray costs of band uniforms, pep music, activities, etc. ASB or Boosters will allocate money back to us for specific qualifying activities and/or equipment.

ASB grants
Band council can request funds we have raised to be used specifically for band activites, i.e., pizza before basketball games, field trips, etc.

LHS Booster grants
Requests that we could make to the PTSA/Booster organization for specific need.

Music Matters License Plates! (See application in All Band Documents)