What's YOUR 60?

whats your 60.jpg

There are MANY ways to enhance our musical learning, even without practicing our music from class!

If you forgot your instrument at school, or if you have your instrument but forgot your music...try these!

Watch YouTube videos for instrumental techniques, breathing techniques – and try them!

Listen to professional groups in person, online, recordings.

Listen to other high school groups on YouTube.

Compose or arrange music for your own instrument or others.

Learn all the major and minor scales.

Thorough maintenance of instrument.

Visit the SWIFT page links (immediately below the "what's your 60?" link you clicked to get here) titled, "Standards for Music Performance and Assessment" and "Understanding music theory & composing basics". Learn at least ONE new thing today.

Create rhythmic cadences/cheers for pep band.

Read bios of composers and performers (online or check out materials from library).

Think up a story or lyrics to go with concert band pieces, or find lyrics for pop tunes we play, and listen to how the parts support the melody.

Find lyrics to jazz band pieces- listen to the vocal version.