This year, I will be teaching Culinary 1/2, Algebra Applications and Health.

Culinary Arts I and II

I am totally excited to be teaching this curriculum at Lindbergh High School.  I have attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America located in Hyde's Park, NY.  Upon graduating, my wife and I had own and operated our own restaurant for over 23 years here in Seattle.  After we sold  our restaurant, I became a math teacher for 5 years working in the Shoreline School District, the Mukilteo School District and finally at Hazen High School.  When Lindbergh HS offered this opening, it rekindled my desire to get back into this profession.

The Lindbergh’s Culinary Arts program is a course focusing on sanitation, food safety and providing a basic cooking foundation. We will then apply these learned skills to produce food that is will balanced in smell, texture and taste. The best part is when we “grind the food" (an ole’ Hawaii expression).”

Food Units will include:

  • Stocks, Soups and Sauces
  • Vegetables and salads including vegetarian meals
  • Ways of cooking meat and fish
  • Yeast and Quick Breads
  • And of course Desserts
  • Regional cuisines of the United States

I have great passion for the culinary arts, having devoted most of my working years in this rewarding profession.  I have much experience and knowledge that I want to share with you.   And what I am not familiar with, I anxiously look forward in joining you in exploring and learning about these parts of this rewarding profession.




This is a picture of my "fugu" courses when I was visiting Japan.




This year I will also be  teaching  Algebra Application.

For the second semester for the the CTE Algebra Applications math course is broken into 8 units. This is a lab based class with a strong emphasis on hands-on, contextual learning. In addition, part of the assessment associated with this class is the Washington State Collection of Evidence (COE). The eight COE tasks must be finished and ready for submittal by the first week of January 2016.  This course counts as a third-credit math class or a CTE Elective.

Your success depends on your commitment, determination and perseverance.

Mr. Lee