Welcome to Mr. Mosko's LHS Chemistry web page! 

Here is some information about the Chemistry 1-2 classes here at Lindbergh High School:

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This is a college preparatory chemistry course aimed to develop the students’ abilities at chemical problem solving.  As an introductory course, it is organized in such a manner that it provides a solid foundation on which to build if the student takes higher level chemistry courses later in their educational careers. 


2016-17 Grading information:

1.  Lab Investigations  (15%) – Labs will be graded for completeness, effort AND accuracy.  The lab/notebooks will be collected every few weeks and returned as promptly as possible. 

2.  Homework (10%) – Homework will be assigned regularly and will usually be checked for completeness and effort, occasionally for accuracy too but not often.  Remember...CHEM...IS...TRY!

3.  Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects) (75% ) – There will generally be about one quiz every other week and usually announced, but not always.  Tests will always be announced in advance and are after about two or three quizzes.  Projects will be counted in this category as well. The Semester Final will be included into this category. 

Tips for Chemistry 1-2 students and parents…


  • Quizzes may be retaken for a higher grade if the student receives a 1 or 2 (below standard). The re-take opportunity time is usually the day or two after the quizzes are graded and returned, the specific dates and times are always discussed and written out in class. Re-takes are either before school or after school in Mr. Mosko’s classroom and there is usually an "entry task" that is required to be completed before the quiz can be retaken. When there is a retake the two quizzes will be averaged together for a final grade, therefore it’s important to do the best you can and study for the first attempt!
  • Make sure all homework assignments are completed and turned in.  If a student misses a homework assignment it can be turned in late for 50% credit for up to three (3) school days.  After the three school days the homework may be turned in for effort but not for credit. 
  • Make sure students are attending class.  If students are absent they should be checking the classroom daily log book (and asking the teacher) what assignments were completed, collected, assigned, etc.
  • When reviewing for tests, use old quizzes, homework assignments and labs as study guides.  All PowerPoint lectures and many other documents will be posted on the LHS website for student use.



Contact Information: (use this not the info at the bottom of this web page)
Lawrence Mosko
LHS email:  Lawrence.Mosko@rentonschools.us
LHS phone number:  (425) 204-3200 extension 3267