I teach 4 sections of Literacy Support, primarily for 9th graders.  This course is dedicated to helping students reach (or exceed) grade level in their all-important reading and writing skills as they prepare for the opportunities and demands that lie ahead.

I also teach 1 section of senior level English Language Arts Collection of Evidence (COE).  Students, having been prepared in my COE training program, will produce their own collections of evidence.  Those who attend class regularly will be able to submit their collections electronically to the state by January 25th, 2017.  The state education office will notify the Renton School District by the end of March, 2017 the results of these submissions.  Those students who satisfactorily meet the COE requirements thereby satisfy the state graduation requirement to achieve proficiency on the ELA Smarter Balance test. Students who complete my class requirements will also receive credit for an ELA Class requirement (except for a senior level ELA class) or elective.  Best of all, they will have been trained to address the reading and writing demands that will be encountered in post-high school opportunities including community college. 

Please feel free to contact me on my classroom phone: 425-204-3279.  Or you can email me at steven.thomas@rentonschools.us.