I teach four sections of Literacy Support, primarily for 9th graders.  This course is dedicated to helping students reach (or exceed) grade level in their all-important reading and writing skills as they prepare for the academic opportunities and demands that lie ahead.  

I also teach one or two groups of seniors in course called Collection of Evidence (COE-Local).  These students are placed into my Literacy Support sections.  They are seated separately and have their own program of instruction.  This course is designed to help students who have not yet passed the Language Arts Smarter Balance Test. My students are provided support and as they demonstrate growth in their practice work, they are then able to submit official (operational) to me directly in which they demonstrate their growing skill base.  Upon completion of a sufficient number of official submissions, students thus successfully meet the Language Arts Smarter Balance Test requirement.  Students who achieve a passing grade in this class also earn necessary graduation credit.

Week by week descriptions of class work are found in students' Canvas modules.  Canvas can be accessed via the RSD Login Portal which can be clicked on at the Renton Start Page or at the Lindbergh website. 



Re-test opportunities for the ELA Smarter Balance test will be given twice during the academic year. The first Smarter Balance re-take test is scheduled to begin on Oct. 30.  The second ELA Smarter Balance re-take opportunity will begin around late April.  

Please feel free to contact me on my classroom phone: 425-204-3279.  Or you can email me at steven.thomas@rentonschools.us.

Steve Thomas