Please use the tabs at left to find Information related to Physics, and Robotics (the class).  For information for logging on to TurnItIn.com (all classes) and Mastering Physics (AP Physics), see the bottom of this page. 

For information about our FIRST Robotics Team, please visit our team's website (see link below).    

Physics and AP Physics Robotics 1-2 (the class) FIRST Robotics Club

 An interactive course where you learn how to use the scientific process and mathematical methods to describe, understand, and predict the workings of the world around us.  

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing

Students learn: Drafting, Metalworking, Woodworking, CAD, and apply Physics and Mathematics to the Engineering Process.

Students work together as a team to Design, Build, Wire, and program a 150 lb, 5 foot tall robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition.   

Visit our team's webpage:

 001.JPG  2008 Death Blocks Robot_2.JPG



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 Seattle Regional Team Photo.jpg

Information for logging onto www.turnitin.com and Mastering Physics

Period Turnitin.com Class ID Turnitin.com Password Mastering Physics Course ID Access Code
1- Freshman Physics  13448104 Physics n/a  
2- AP Physics One  13448112 Physics  MRRANDALLAPPHYSICS1 *email Mr. Randall to ask for this
3- Physics  13448106 Physics n/a  
5- Physics  13448110 Physics n/a  
6- Robotics 1-2  13448084 Robotics n/a  
7-Robotics R&D  n/a Robotics n/a  

Robotics 1-2:

-Lindbergh Shop YouTube Channel:  Video Tutorials for Software and Machines in the LHS Shop.

-Solidworks Snowflake Screencast:  Mine, Someone Elses 

-Robotics Drawing Sheet Format for Solidworks: Click here to go to the Robotics Documents Page

AP Physics 1:

-Survey for AP Physics 1 Exam Reflection