This is a page to support the learning of students enrolled in Lindbergh High School's 2015/2016 second-year Spanish Class. 

Course Description

This course seeks to develop in students Spanish-language communication skills, cultural competency, and critical thinking. It looks for opportunities to strengthen the connections between various academic disciplines including English language arts, history, geography, and leadership. Its design contributes to the development of 21st Century Skills that include digital citizenship, global awareness, civic literacy, financial literacy, and health literacy.  

Essential Questions

 Questions, not answers, drive meaningful learning. In this course we will explore questions about identity and place, diversity and difference, community and cooperation. Deeper understanding of these themes occurs when they are considered through the lens of a new linguistic and cultural context. 

Classroom Management

Students are expected to demonstrate the values of Eagle Way in their interactions with their instructor and their peers; these values are Respect, Responsibility, Effort, Kindness, and Honesty. In Spanish class, these values translate into making a sincere commitment to acquiring the language, maintaining an attitude of openness to the ideas of others, and contributing to a positive classroom climate.

Language Proficiency

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) provides the criteria for evaluating the language proficiency of learners. Dedicated students participating in their first year of Spanish at Lindbergh should expect their language proficiency level to improve from “novice high” into the intermediate range.