It is the beginning of the Year

Last week of September and the end of Summer

Hello Families! Because I was out with my sick daughter there was no newsletter sent home. My apologies. Key things to note for the upcoming week. We will be starting grouping objects together in math. We will be reading the story "My World." It is a companion book to "Good Night Moon." We will also be asking the question, what do you see and having the student draw a picture of what they see and notate there thoughts to the teacher. The activity touches both our reading and writing goals for the class. Finally, as you walk around town with your student, have them look and find different leaves that are either changing colors or falling to the ground. Bag them up and send them to school. We will be starting our observations of Fall the first week of October.

my world.jpg

Items needed for the classroom:

Look forward to seeing you and your child.