Row Row Your Boat


Hello to all my 505 families,

  You have probably all heard that I brought in a rubber boat for the students to imagine and play with during centers. Pictures have been uploaded to the site. It goes along with our them of Spring and the various outdoor boos we will be reading over the rest of the year. Currently we are reading "The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle. It is a fun book and allows the class to discuss insects verses arachnids. Biggest difference is is that insects have 6 legs and 3 body parts were as arachnids have 8 legs and 2 body parts. 

  As the weather goes through the chaos of spring i will work to get students play time outside. Please remember to have students bring rain jackets as well as lighter weight clothing. I do not want them to get wet when transitioning to and from school but also have the option to go outside if it is warm and not overheat.

  Spring Conferences. If you have not signed up and I sent you a time please fill out the online manager or email me. The conferences will be held Wednesday May 22 through Friday May 24. Students will not have class that day and the following weekend is Memorial day.