Final 2 Weeks


Hello 505 Families! Hope you are all bundled up and dry as winter approaches. Please make sure that your students are equally bundled up with the right clothing. More is always better. If your student does catch a cold, please remember to keep them at home. We have few students with compromised immune systems and would like them to stay as healthy as possible. 


As we push forward over these next two weeks students will continue to look at "Is Your Mama a Llama" as well as stories about snowmen, the end of fall and the beginning of winter. Students having a great time in Centers, especially creating snowmen, snow globes and working at the vet office.  Next week we will be cooking and enjoying seasonal food and cookies. It going to be a lot of fun. Ideas for good gluten free or dairy free cookies would be appreciated.


Let’s have a great week, and lets all try to stay dry warm and safe over these next few weeks.





Let us bring light into this world!