Welcome to the world of ELL with Mrs. Vue!


 5 facts about Mrs. Vue:

1. I can read and write in two languages. English and Hmong. 

2. I LOVE spicy foods and cook tasty egg rolls!  

3. I've lived in Japan and visited: China, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

4. My name means "the youngest daughter" in the Hmong language.

5. I have a passion for learning languages, cultures, and visiting foreign countries.     

This is my 4th year at Maplewood Heights Elementary. Currently teaching ELLs in grades 1 through 5th grade! This year my focus is to help students be confident in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English.    

GOALS for ELL students:

1. Be ACTIVE and participate!

2. Listen and ask questions!  

3. Set goals, reflect, and adjust goals to be the best you can  be!  


 My passion is to help students seize their opportunities in order to reach their dreams!  This year is going to be another great year! You can contact me at: zer.vue@rentonschools.us.