Mrs. Amparo's Third Grade Discovery Class


Fall Homework Expectations for
Mrs. Amparo’s Class

Monday – Read 30 minutes, record on Reading Log, math practice page(s)

Tuesday – Read 30 minutes, record on Reading Log

Wednesday - Read 30 minutes, record on Reading Log, written work or response.

Thursday - Read 30 minutes, record on Reading Log

Friday - Read 30 minutes, record on Reading Log, Second Step activity

All homework should be turned in the next day, and Friday’s homework on the first day of the following week.

A helpful way to remember the extra homework days that the class came up with:

Monday = Math

Wednesday = Writing

Friday = Friendship


Extra Reading Logs can be downloaded at:


Check out any recent classroom news on the Announcements page. 


1. Show respect.

2. Listen.

3. Do your best.

4. Be safe.


We will be having a snack time during our morning time Monday through Thursday.  
To help your child keep from getting too hungry before lunch, please provide a healthy snack for him or her.  
Some good examples include crackers, carrots, or fruit.  
Due to many food allergies, please refrain from nut based products if possible.
If you would like to celebrate a birthday, non-edible items are best.
Thank you for helping add to the brain power of the classroom.


Library – MONDAY (Remember your books!)

P.E. – WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY  (Wear good shoes for running)