Welcome to the PE website. I am Greg Golliver, Mr. G (new). I work with Mr. Thorpe, (Mr. T) and Mr. Anderson, ( Mr. A). Classes are 45 minutes Monday – Thursday and 35 minutes on Fridays. My classes are:

ILC – McDonald Monday through Thusrday for 20 minutes each.

Kindergarten – Goins Tuesday & Friday, Lee Thursday & Friday, Wald Monday & Wednesday

1st grade - Baker Thursday & Friday, Donovan Tuesday & Friday, Unti Monday & Wednesday

2ndGaw Monday & Tuesday, Miner Wednesday & Thursday

3rdBlackburn Tuesday & Thursday, Eng Wednesday & Thursday

4thAmparo Thursday & Friday, Matson Monday & Tuesday

5thFreiwaldt Monday & Wednesday, Porter Tuesday & Friday

Please send your students to class with comfortable clothing and proper supportive shoes on their 2 days!

This is my first year at Maplewood Heights and my first-year teaching PE. Nearly every class taught this year is a double class (two classes at the same time), so I am well supported. I have been teaching for 8 years with the first two in kindergarten and the last 6 in second grade. I look forward to working with your kids and getting to know them. This year I am working to finish my National Board Certification and therefore will be working intensely with both a particular 2nd grade class and 5th grade class.

Our PE program focuses on fitness…. hopefully setting our students onto a path of lifelong activity!  Students have PE twice a week. It is our goal that students leave each session sweating, excited, and smiling!

We start each day with a student-led stretching warm-up, followed by a short jog and walking cool-down.  Most days we follow this with a fitness activity. Some days we will have class discussions to learn important terms/concepts before our activity of the day:

 Our units for the year:

 1. Intro to PE / Games / 3rd-5th fitness testing / Playground Games

2. Harvest Games

3. Soccer

4. Winter Games

5. Basketball

6. Volleyball

7. Circus Skills / Jump rope

8. Floor Hockey

9. Wii Dance

10. Bowling

11. Games / 3rd-5th Fitness Testing

12. Outside Games / Jogging / Skills / Free Play / FIELD DAY

*3rd –5th fitness testing: students are pre-tested each fall on the MILE RUN, PACER, SHUTTLE RUN, SIT and REACH, SIT-UPS, and PUSH-UPS.  They will be tested again in the spring hoping for improvement and/or scoring in the healthy fitness zone on each test. Due to my National Board work some second-grade classes will do a few of these tests as well.

**5th graders will take a written classroom-based assessment in the spring on the PE vocabulary discussed throughout the year…namely the 5 health-related fitness components.  (Study questions and answer key are on this site.)

Students receive a + / = / - grade for effort/attitude with = meeting expectations

Students receive a 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 grade for skills with 3 meeting expectations



Strike 1:         Warning and/or time-out and/or warning slip and/or long-form

Strike 2:         Time-out and/or warning slip and/or long-form

Strike 3:         Warning slip and/or Long form

The time-out place is where students sit against the wall for 2 to 5 minutes or entire game depending on misconduct. During this time, I will discuss with them their actions and ways to improve and return to the activity.

We also have a “cooler” area where students who get injured/frustrated/exhausted can go to rest until they want to get back into the activity.


A student leaving the gym is up to our discretion (unless we know of a student’s medical reason).  It is NOT allowed until student activity time.  This time can change based on what we are doing, but generally the first 15-20 minutes of class is off-limits.  We have hall “passes” to allow 1 boy and 1 girl out at a time. STUDENTS MUST ASK BEFORE LEAVING!


We require a doctor or parent note to excuse kids from activity.

Our year is culminated with FIELD DAY which takes place on a Friday in June.  Hopefully you can volunteer to help!

We plan on sending out a monthly update about what’s going on in the gym!  It will be posted on my SWIFT site, and sent via Maplewood News.  You are welcome to come watch/participate with your child any time…just make sure to check in at the main office.

 If you have any questions, email is the best way to get a hold of me:


 Or I can be reached at (425) 204- 4790, our main office is (425 )204-4750