Classroom FAQs

Learn the Basics of Room 127

This page includes information on the following FAQs about our classroom...

  • Classroom Rules

  • Outstanding Behavior Chart

  • Daily Classroom Schedule

  • Snack Time

  • Specialist Schedule

  • Birthdays

  • Weekly Homework

Classroom Rules

During the first week of school, students brainstorm ideas for our classroom rules list. We discuss the options, make sure they all make sense, and vote on the final list of classroom rules. We write it up like a contract and everyone signs it as their pledge to abide by classroom rules so that we can have a caring classroom community where we all learn and grow together. Below is the list of this year's classroom rules. We also follow PAWS, our school rules. When selecting students to Panther Purrfect Recess each month I am looking at students based on their understanding and following of PAWS expectations.

Classroom Rules_2.JPG   PAWS.JPG

Class Dojo Behavior Management System

I will be using a behavior management system called Class Dojo with our class this year. It is an online tool for teachers, students and families to celebrate successes, monitor misbehavior, and inspire smart choices every day. You can visit Class Dojo at I also sent home a letter inviting you and your child to create accounts to begin interacting with our class and see updates on your child each day. There is also an app available for iPhone and Android smartphones. The class and I brainstormed behaviors we would like to monitor and give points for as well as “needs work” behaviors that they can lose points for. Each day during work times, I can give or take away points in the moment, inspiring students to make the best choices possible for their learning and the learning of others. I can also upload pictures of students at work and share stories with you about their work in class. Students are also tracking their points each day, and each time they get to 25 points they can select a classroom privilege as a reward.

Daily Classroom Schedule

Although some days may change, the schedule below is generally the schedule for our classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions about the daily schedule.


Snack Time

Each day during read aloud students may enjoy a snack. This occurs daily at about 10:35am. Students may bring a healthy snack such as fruit, veggies, cereal, crackers or yogurt. Students may also keep a water bottle on their desk for use during the school day, but it must have a tightly closing top to prevent any leaks. Each Friday we have the option of "Junk Food Friday" during which student snacks may be more of a treat like cookies or chips.

Specialist Schedule

Students are pulled out for specialists each day for 45 minutes, and 35 minutes on Fridays due to late start. Please remember to turn in library books every Tuesday and to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • Monday: Gym

  • Tuesday: Music

  • Wednesday: Gym

  • Thursday: Library

  • Friday: Music


We are happy to help each student celebrate their birthday here at school. Due to student allergies, no food treats will be permitted in the classroom for birthdays. Instead, you may send birthday favors like pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. to share with the class. Another fun way to celebrate is to purchase a “birthday book” for your child and send it to class. I will read the book aloud and we will all sign the inside cover wishing your child a happy birthday. We also sing our 2nd grade birthday song and I give each child a birthday certificate, bookmark, and a birthday pencil. If you plan to send favors, please note we currently have 23 students in our class.

Weekly Homework

This year the third grade team is focusing exclusively on building a reading life for homework. This means that students will be bringing home a bag of on-level books from our classroom library in their Home Reading Bag, along with bookmarks, and at times other reading tools. Your child is required to read at least 20 minutes per night five nights per week, or adding up to a total of 100 minutes per week. If your child reads more than 20 minutes per night or skips a night they can still meet the weekly homework requirement by making sure the total number of minutes adds up to 100 or more.

At times, filling out a reading log sucks the fun right out of reading. Since it is our goal to create avid readers in third grade, we are starting the year by making the reading log optional. Students are welcome to take one and fill it out and return it on Monday with their Home Reading Bags, but this is not q requirement. Please make sure that your child returns the Home Reading Bag at the start of each week so that they may switch out books for new reading material for each new week. Please be aware that these books are my personal property and some are property of Renton School District and should be handled with the utmost care and responsibility.