PE NEWS--September






* Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!   


*Please read our WELCOME/GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESS page on this explains all your student(s) will need to know to be successful in our gym!  Each month I will add a write-up to keep you up-to-date on PE happenings. 


*5TH GRADERS:  There is a written PE C.B.A. test in the spring.  The study questions I will give you in April are on this site....along with the answer key... if you want to get a head start! 


*Our two focus fitness tests this year: PACER  and SIT-UPS.    


* We begin every year with our GAMES / PLAYGROUND GAMES / 3rd-5th grade Fitness Testing Unit.  We have adopted "SPARK" curriculum this year to supplement our success-oriented, PE program!


*Please ask which two days your student(s) have PE each week, and help us by sending them in comfortable clothing, and supportive shoes!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!