Class Rules

1.Enter and exit the gymnasium in a quiet and organized manner.

2.Respect People and their property.

3.All mouths are closed when the teacher is talking.

4.Keep hands and feet to yourself.

5.Do your exercises to the best of your ability.




Step 1. Nonverbal or verbal warning

Step 2. Separated from group or moved away from others student is distracting.

Step 3. Sit out from activity/ game for the day and possible call home. 


Emergency Drills

·     Fire, Earthquake and Lockdown

·     All instructions for emergency drills are given to students and practiced during the first week of classes.

Words to never use in PE

·     I can’t

·     I quit

·     Too hard

·     I give up

·     Never

·     Mr. K is old

Hall Passes/ Restroom Expectations

  • To be used anytime a student leaves the gymnasium for any reason (restroom, nurse, office, called to classroom, etc.)
  • Keep hands clean by washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Return back to gym promptly after using restroom and washing hands.
  • No misbehavior in restroom will be tolerated.

Physical Education Expectations

  •      Show respect for subsitutes and any other teacher in the building.
  •      Weather tennis shoes or sneakers.
  •      Dress appropriately for PE. Clothes that are easy to move around in.
  •      No boots, sandals, high heels, etc.
  •      Come ready to be active,have fun and learn.

Excused Medical Participation

  • Students must bring in a note or slip from a parent, guardian, medical provider or school nurse giving permission for student to not participate in PE for the day.
  • Parents may also call the school or email Mr.K directly to inform him of the students’ needs.


  • Students will receive grading based on the given grading scale of the school report card.
  • Students will be graded on participation, effort, class attendance, behavior/ respect in class as well as performance on formal and informal assessments (Demonstration of skill acquisition and state fitness tests).

Contact Information

Jason Keniston

Physical Education Teacher

Maplewood Heights Elementary


PE Office: 253-204-4790