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Candice AndersonMrs. Anderson's 6th grade Language Arts and Discovery
Leah BarlowMiss. Barlow FACSE
Hannah BehrmannMs. Behrmann Language Arts
Ryann BluhmMrs. Reagan's (Bluhm's) Language Arts Page, Publications
Jaymie BodleMs. Bodle's 8th Grade Social Studies, Publications
Matthew BrekkeMr. Brekke World Events and Issues
Etta BrownMs. Brown's 6th Grade Social Studies
Michael BurlesonMr. B's 8th Grade Social Studies
Bradley ClarkBradley Clark, 6th Grade Science
Camilla CortneyMs. Cortney - Mathematics
Norah CurrieNorah Currie's Reading Resource(6-7) and Personal Choices(6-8) classes website
Jared DetamoreWelcome to 6th Grade Science!
Wendell EllisMr. Ellis Home page
Jacqueline EngDiscovery, Social Studies 6
Christina EnglandMrs. England's ELL
Rob FernandezMath 8 - Mr. Fernandez
Eric Franklin6th Grade Math, Girls Basketball
Taylor GraydonMs. Graydon's 6th Grade English Language Arts
Ashley GriffinMrs. Griffin - PE & FITNESS
Aieleen GuecoMath 7th
Joan HanesJoan Hanes' Web Site
Linda HannisTechnology Services
Derek HeinzMr. Heinz
Teresa HundeltMs. Hundelt - Language Arts
David KenistonMr. Keniston
Physical Education, Fitness and Health
8th Grade
Ellafair KeyesMrs. Keyes' Special Education Instructional Learning Center
Carl Kittay6th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math
Colin KnightMr. Knight's Website
Ellen LawsonLawson LA, Lawson Reading
Francis LinMr. Lin Forensics
Reed LommenMr. Lommen's 8th Grade Science Class
Mallie MayfieldMrs. Mayfield's 7th Grade Science Class
Jason MgebroffMr Mgebroff's 7th Grade Social Studies
Robert MullinsMr. Mullins' Computer Class
Rebecca NeilMs. Neil's 7th Grade Science Class
Heather NelsonMcKnight Middle School Library
David Niimi6th Grade Band, 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Band
Clark NortonMr. Norton Social Studies 8
Terrance (Pat) O'GradyCoach OG's Homepage
Sharon OlsenMcKnight Middle School Orchestras
Mary Parks-TrettevikMrs. Trettevik--Seventh Grade--Physical Education
Laurie PartenWelcome to Mathmatics!
Sarah Petty8th Science with Ms. Petty
Michael PrelesnikWelcome to Math 6!
Cody QuickMr. Quick's Algebra
Ari RinzlerMs. Rinzler's Website
Kurt RoperKurt Roper, Counselor
Margaret SaelensMs. Saelens' Class Website
Sara SawyerMs. Sawyer's 8th Grade Language Arts Class
Crystle SeldenMs. Selden: Science 7
Derek SmithLanguage Arts 6/7
Ethan SmithMr. Smith Loves Science
Tina Stevens MixMcKnight Fine Arts
Saralyn StroupMrs.Stroup: Choir and Orchestra
Tiffany SullivanHighly Structured HSAP 425
Gayle SwannackDimmitt/McKnight PenPals
Jessica TraughberJessi Traughber, Spanish 1-2
Heather WallendahlMs. Wallendahl's Math 7 and Leadership 7/8 Classes
Gretchen WenzlMs. Wenzl's Discovery Language Arts , Ms. Wenzl's Language Arts
Lachlan Willis McKnight Musical, Leadership, Mr. Lachlan Willis' 8th Grade American History Class
Melanie ZahnMs. Zahn's 6th Grade Science and Leadership