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Candice AndersonMrs. Anderson's 6th grade Language Arts and Discovery
Brita BemillerMrs. BeMiller - 6th Grade Leadership, Mrs. BeMiller's 6th Grade Language Arts
Audrey BennettReading Intervention
Patricia BergerMrs. Berger's Website
Ryann BluhmMcKnight Journalism, Ms. Bluhm's Language Arts Page
Jaymie BodleMcKnight Journalism, Ms. Bodle's 8th Grade Social Studies
Nini Botes ParkerNurse Nini & Neda, School clinic
Wayne BowdleMr. Bowdle's Math Class
Suzie BradfordTech Specialist
Etta BrownMs. Brown's 6th Grade Social Studies, English-Language Learners
Suzan BurrMs Burr's Resource Page
Brett CarrMr. Carr 7th Grade Science
Bradley ClarkBradley Clark, 6th Grade Science
Craig CooperWelcome to the principal's corner!
Taj CorvinoMs. Corvino 8th Grade Science
Norah CurrieNorah Currie
Jared DetamoreWelcome to 6th Grade Science!
Aileen EdelenMrs. Edelen's Web Site
Wendell EllisMr. Ellis Home page
Eric Franklin6th Grade Math, Girls Basketball
Kendall GalbraithMrs.Galbraith's 6th Grade Math Class, Mrs.Galbraith's 6th Grade Math Class
Marita GrunfeldMrs. Grunfeld
Joan HanesJoan Hanes' Web Site
Michelle HayesMrs. Hayes
Derek HeinzMr. Heinz
Teresa HundeltMs. Hundelt - Language Arts
Mercy JacobMrs. Jacob's 8th Grade Science Class
Kelly JonesMcKnight Middle School ASB, Ms. Jones, 8th Grade Leadership, Ms. Jones, 8th Grade Science
Wendy JonesWorld Events & Issues - Wendy Jones
David KenistonMr. Keniston
Physical Education, Fitness and Health
8th Grade
Ellafair KeyesMrs. Keyes' Special Education Instructional Learning Center
Colin KnightMr. Knight's Website
Ellen LawsonCaudillo/Lawson Language Arts 6th Grade
Reed LommenMr. Lommen's 8th Grade Science Class
Samara LykensMrs. Auman/Miss Lykens' page
Mallie MayfieldMrs. Mayfield's 7th Grade Science Class
Dina MillikenMs. Milliken
Tina MixMcKnight Fine Arts
Robert MullinsMr. Mullins' Computer Class
Sherry Musard6th Grade Reading Advisory with Mrs. Musard
Coral NafzigerMs. Nafziger's Art Classes, Yearbook
David Niimi6th Grade Band, 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Band, Guitar
Pat O'GradyCoach OG's Homepage
Sharon OlsenMcKnight Middle School Orchestras
Laurie PartenWelcome to Mathmatics!
Stacy PetersenMrs. Petersen's English Language Arts
Elaina PiperMrs. Pipers FACSE Class
Ari RinzlerMs. Rinzler's Website
Christine RobsonChristine Robson, McKnight ELL Teacher
Kurt RoperKurt Roper, Counselor
Dawn Sandersonms. sanderson's site
Sara SawyerMs. Sawyer's 8th Grade Language Arts Class
Emily Seaman6th Grade Science with Mrs. Seaman, Intro-to-Leadership
Crystle SeldenMs. Selden: 7th grade Science, Ms. Selden: Science Elective
Lori SinerGrade 7 Social Studies
Erika SmithMrs. Smith
Physical Education
Grade 6
Ethan SmithMr. Smith Loves Science
Saralyn StroupMrs.Stroup: Choir and Orchestra
Lisa SullivanMs. Sullivan ELL
Tiffany SullivanHighly Structured ILC 144
Gayle SwannackDimmitt/McKnight PenPals
Jamin TaaffeMs. Taaffe 7th Grade Social Studies, Ms. Taaffe 8th Grade Social Studies
Jessica TraughberJessi Traughber, Spanish 1-2, Jessi Traughber, Spanish Communications
Mary TrettevikMrs. Trettevik--Seventh Grade--Physical Education
Kate WellsMs. Wells
Gretchen WenzlMs. Wenzl's Discovery Language Arts and Social Studies , Ms. Wenzl's Language Arts and Social Studies
Keddy WilliamsonMr. Williamson: 7th-Grade L.A.
Lachlan Willis2013-2014 Musical, McKnight Soccer , Mr. Lachlan Willis' 8th Grade American History Class