Hello and welcome to Sixth Grade Language Arts!

 On this page you'll find a variety of resources, many of which your child has seen, studied, and taped or glued into his or her composition notebook. Because we generally keep these notebooks in class, I'm including them here so that you may help your child with our reading and writing goals in mind.

 A few guidelines / expectations for our first quarter work include:

 Every student needs to find a "Just Right" independent reading book and bring it to class every day.

 Every student should read 20 minutes a night. This generally translates to about 80-120 pages each week and equals to a grade of a "3" (out of "4"). For a "4," students should read more pages for more hours, and from a variety of genres. Students should have a “Plan B” book (or “back-up” book, or “next” book) ready to go when they finish the first.


Five things you can do to help your child be successful with reading in L.A.:
1) make sure s/he has an Independent Reading book every day; 
2) make sure s/he has a "next" book on deck and ready to go when finished with the first; 
3) strive to provide a regular time and, if possible, a quiet and distraction free space for your child to read; 
4) ask to see his/her reading bookmark. This records of pages and minutes spent reading are turned in every Mon.
5) ask your child questions about the books.


Every student will compose a successful short story. Students will do most of their brainstorming, drafting, and editing of their narratives in class, and the "Writing Materials" folder contains many of these handouts.


I try to keep students at the forefront of the conversation about their learning, so I do not update my website every day. I write a lesson plan for each day of class, so whenever you want a record of what activities we’re doing or what concepts we’re learning, let me know and I’ll fill you in. I also keep detailed records of students' reading habits and behaviors (page count, minute count, trends, and other observations), so whenever you want to know what I'm seeing from my end, contact me at erin.felton@rentonschools.us.

Thank you so much for your concern and support!

Mrs. Felton