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Ms. Brown's 6th Grade Social Studies: Ancient Civilizations


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! Every student has the potential and responsibility to learn in our classroom, where I hope each member of our learning community lives the ideal that we all make a difference in others' lives.

The Renton School District will eventually be moving away from the SWIFT webpages. Until this change occurs, you may still use this website to stay informed of class news, upcoming events, grades, links to relevant websites, and more. This site serves Ms. Brown's 6th Grade Social Studies students.  **Please link to my daily Planbook, for the most current assignments (and attached coursework).

Using this website
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Link to Planbook: the daily agenda of assignments and attachments are listed for both 6th Grade Social Studies and 6th Grade Discovery Social Studies.   


Contact Information: You may reach me at
The classroom phone number is (425) 204-3627. For security reasons, I rarely have my phone on call-forwarding. Therefore, please do not call during classroom hours (7:55-2:35), as you may be interrupting the learning of our students.

I look forwarding to meeting students and families!