We are very excited to be able to have a Robotics club at McKnight Middle School again this year.   There has been overwhelming response from students who are interested in joining our club this year and, in order to accommodate as many students as possible, our club has been divided into two groups. The first group, called Edge Robotics, will meet on Mondays or Tuesdays. This will be our FIRST TECH CHALLENGE (FTC) competing team and will require a bigger commitment from its members. Following FIRST WA recommendations, this team will be limited to 25 students who will have to meet a certain criteria and be able to make the necessary commitment.  

 The second group, called Lancer Robotics, will meet on Thursdays and consistent attendance to this program will not be mandatory. This non-competing group will have the same learning opportunities as the first group: they will build a similar robot, will have similar parts to work with and use the similar programming tools.  This group will be limited to 30 students each week.  

  The first open meeting will be determined very soon.





Since the program is expanding, we are also in need of more parent volunteers with technical and/or engineering experience who would be able to assist in our efforts to inspire McKnight students to be science and technology leaders. If you are interested, please contact the WebAdmin with your field of expertise and your availability. Volunteers will need to fill out a WSP Background Check form, available in our documents page.

The Edge Robotics website will be the main communication tool for the club. It is our goal to have students control all facets of the club experience, from website design to leadership responsibilities.  



If you or your company is interested in supporting our program, please contact the WebAdmin for more information.


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