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Are you ready for third quarter? We are!



Sixth graders will read in nonfiction book clubs and study nonfiction texts during third quarter, looking critically at how the texts effectively communicate information through text structures (how the text is organized). Students will read for main idea and author’s purpose, looking specifically at how multiple writers and journalists write about the same topic.

The class will move through a shared research cycle on the topic "Within and Beyond Borders: Immigration in America."  The class will then research individual topics and write informational and argumentative essays on their choice of topics.

Students will do most of their brainstorming, drafting, and editing in class.


Many nonfiction book clubs will move through several books during the quarter, so if you see a temporary drop in your child’s reading of fiction, that’s why!

However, every student should still have a book and an “on deck” or “next book” ready for class every day. Every student should continue to read 2 or more hours at home every week. This generally translates to about 80-120 pages each week and equals to a grade of a "3" (out of "4").

Six things you can do to help your child be successful with reading in L.A.:
1) make sure they have an Independent Reading book every day; 
2) make sure they have a "next" book on deck and ready to go when finished with the first; 
3) strive to provide a regular time and, if possible, a quiet and distraction free space for your child to read; 
4) ask them follow-up questions about the books they’re reading


I try to keep students at the forefront of the conversation about their learning, so I do not update my website every day. I write a lesson plan for each day of class, so whenever you want a record of what activities we’re doing or what concepts we’re learning, let me know. Contact me at dsmith2@rentonschools.us or derek.smith1@rentonschools.us. (I've heard reports of emails bouncing back, so if you do not receive a response from me within 24 hours, try the other address.)

Thank you so much for your concern and support!

Mr. Smith