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Final project Ancient History 


Dear Parents,

We are beginning our final project of the year.  I have several goals for this assignment.  First is to get them to do a little research and explore a topic of their choice and interest, second is to present it in a medium that is driven by their creative interests.   I truly want them to have fun doing this and want it to be laid back and no- stressful.  They get to choose from the following ancient civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kush, India, China, Greece Rome, India,  Aztecs, Incas or Persia.  They can also choose one of the following:  Middle Ages Europe, Byzantine Empire, Mali and Ghana, Imperial Japan or Imperial China.

  • They need to present it in one of the following ways:
  •  Documentary (must understand how to use movie maker or run PowerPoint as a movie
  • Children’s Book
  • Newscast
  • Play
  • Newspaper
  • Rap Battle/song or Rap
  • More projects are on my website @
  •  You may help them on their project.  They may need help: Recording themselves, coloring or drawing the children’s book, technical help with documentary making or newscast presenting…
  •  Due date is June 16th

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