We are now into our 3rd quarter of 8th grade Science, and if you step back a moment, it is hard to believe what you have learned so far!  As we finish Chemistry, you are finding out what our world of plastics is made of, and how the different plastics behave

We are in the lab, most days now, and this has given you an even greater appreciation for safety and accuracy with your data.  Recently, we completed the solubility lab, and it was messy---boy was it messy!  Some of you showed how incredible you are as student scientists by embracing the messy but being careful with your results.  In the last seven lessons, it is my hope that you will see the relevancy, Chemistry has to your daily life, and how we need to be stewards with everything we use and throw away.

With about 3 months of school left before you are on your way to high school, I hope that we can work together to continue your interest in Science, and that you will look into career opportunities that seem exciting to you.

Mr. Lommen