Welcome to the Beginning of a new school year!

If you are new to the McKnight Orchestra, welcome!  We are very glad you are here!

First year students have begun to learn how to hold their instruments and hold their bows.  However, we have NOT used our bows together with our instruments yet.  We are waiting for everyone to successfully master a correct bow hold first.  At home, students should be practicing what we do in class so that they are ready to move forward the next day with new skills.  All violin and viola players should be STANDING when they play.

First year students have weekly practice charts that need to be signed by a parent/guardian in order for students to reach a standard of 3 or 4.  Second and third year students have a monthly practice chart that needs to be signed by a parent/guardian.  

Our first performances will be happening in 2nd quarter, and we look forward to seeing you at one of them.  The first 6th grade concert is Thursday December 7 in the McKnight Commons.  The first 7th grade concert is Thursday November 30 in the McKnight Commons.  The first 8th grade concert is Wednesday December 13 in the Hazen HS Auditorium. 

Our dress code for concerts:

       1.  White dress shirt (no t-shirt)      2) Black pants (no leggings, tights, skirts or sweats)      3) Solid black shoes (no white or other color edges or logos)      4) Black or dark colored socks


Eighth grade students are encouraged to submit a design for this year's music department shirts.  Submissions can be turned in to any McKnight music teacher by Friday September 22.