Welcome to the middle of 3rd Quarter!

8th Grade Orchestra will be attending the Soundview Regional Orchestra Assessment on March 26 (Tuesday).  They have been working extremely hard on all the small details that go into refining a piece of music.  Students will be attending Homeroom, and then bringing all performing materials to the Commons.  We will take attendance and board the bus to Lindbergh HS.  Our performance time is 12:45.  Parents are welcome to attend - make sure you sign in as a visitor in Lindbergh's Main Office and tell them you are watching the Orchestra Festival.   All students should wear their concert uniform to school on Tuesday.

Beginning Orchestra Updates: we are working in the new books, and playing songs that use naturals (low 2nd finger).  We're doing exercises that use our 4th finger, and cellos have started shifting to 2nd position.  We've learned about staccato and tenuto and are using them in the "Allegro" piece we are working on. 

7th Grade Orchestra has started working on music for their Spring Concert - the Thursday before Memorial Day.  They have 4 pieces already, and are deciding on a couple others.  We have just received the orange "Muller Rusch Book 3", and are starting to learn 2 octave scales and shifting.

Eighth Grade Orchestra has their Contest on Tuesday.  More information on that is at the top of this page.  They will relax for a bit after that because March has been a busy performance month for them.


Thank you!


Miss Olsen




A reminder of our dress code for concerts:

       1.  White dress shirt (no t-shirt)      2) Black pants (no leggings, tights, skirts or sweats)      3) Solid black shoes (no white or other color edges or logos)      4) Black or dark colored socks