Welcome to June!

 If you have a school cello at home, please have them returned by Friday June 14.

Beginning Orchestra Updates: we are turning in our instruments Wed June 12. June practice charts are due at this time.

7th Grade Orchestra is going to perform animal sound effects and sight read this week.  We will clean our instruments June 11 or 12 and turn them in by Friday June 14.

8th Grade Orchestra is playing on the last day of school.  If a student has a school instrument, they need to leave it in the band room after they perform.



Thank you for a great year!  Have a wonderful summer!

            Miss Olsen




A reminder of our dress code for concerts:

       1.  White dress shirt (no t-shirt)      2) Black pants (no leggings, tights, skirts or sweats)      3) Solid black shoes (no white or other color edges or logos)      4) Black or dark colored socks