Welcome to 2nd quarter!

Winter Concerts are fast approaching.  Please make sure you have a concert uniform that fits.  All students will need a white shirt with sleeves (either short or long), solid black pants, and solid black shoes.  Please remember that leggings and tights do not count as black pants for a concert.  St

Beginning Orchestra: we are working on reading notes on the A and D strings.  We have started G notes, and are working on songs that are two and three parts to perform for our concert.

7th Grade Orchestra has their concert on Thursday, December 6, and they are working on dynamics and balance to refine their performance.  They have started working on 4th finger pattern and the A major scale, as well as preparing a solo piece.

Eighth grade orchestra students have their next concert at Hazen High School, so please start planning for instrument transportation!  They are working on pieces to play both on their own, and a combined Finale with Risdon MS and Hazen HS.  They are working on playing short songs in 3rd position, vibrato technique, and a duet or trio.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Miss Olsen










A reminder of our dress code for concerts:

       1.  White dress shirt (no t-shirt)      2) Black pants (no leggings, tights, skirts or sweats)      3) Solid black shoes (no white or other color edges or logos)      4) Black or dark colored socks