Welcome to the Spring Quarter!

All of the groups are working on techniques and pieces for their final concerts of the year.  A reminder that the 8th grade orchestra concert was moved from Monday to TUESDAY, June 12.  Concert start time will still be 7:00 pm.

First year students are working on playing 4th finger and moving from a regular fingering to a "low 2nd finger" fingering.  We have also started learning how to play two strings at one time (on purpose!).  We have two assessments coming up in the next week: one on playing 4th finger with the low 2nd finger, and one a duet with another student in the class.

Second year students are working on shifting their hands to a higher position and have a test this week on either shifting and memorizing notes, or shifting with slurs and skips.

Third year students are working on tuning with 5ths, or their open strings, or with harmonics (cellos and basses).  We are also working on recognizing key signatures and connecting them with scales and pieces.

A reminder of our dress code for concerts:

       1.  White dress shirt (no t-shirt)      2) Black pants (no leggings, tights, skirts or sweats)      3) Solid black shoes (no white or other color edges or logos)      4) Black or dark colored socks

 APRIL Practice Charts will be due May 1.  3 = 400 minutes with a parent/guardian signature.  4 = 500 minutes with a parent/guardian signature.  Please remember that HALF of the practice chart grade is the reflection on the back of the practice chart.

There are a limited number of music shirts available in the Attendance Office.