Welcome to Ms Abrahamson's Class: 

Middle school is a big transition for all students. Life-skill students are expected to continue to work hard and learn as much as they can. This could prove to be a challenge for some students. Please explain to your child the importance of increasing their ability to
read and write. Also, encourage your child to look in their homework folder each night and
complete the page or pages. There maybe information for you as well. If you have something togive to me, the folder is a great place to put that too.

Supplies Needed:
Backpack Pencils Markers Erasers Glue stick Box of Tissues Box of crackers or healthy snack to share with the class.
A set of extra clothes if your child tends to need to change in the day.
Spiral notebook
My classroom phone number is 425-204-3091
Feel free to call if you need to discuss any needs your child may have or if your child came home talking about an advent or activity that happened at school.