Hello--Welcome to Ms. Barrett's Language Arts and Leadership website! 

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Hiya! My name is Ms. Barrett and here at Nelsen I teach 6th grade Language Arts and mixed level Servant-Leadership. I am also the ASB advisor.

I'd like to tell you a bit about myself! If you are looking for class information, click the links below. I graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature with an emphasis in secondary education. I then earned my teaching certification abroad in Melbourne, Australia. 

I love teaching--sharing and exchanging information. I love to learn and I strive to foster a passion for learning in each student I meet. Class time is spent discussing, critically thinking, reading, questioning, justifying, and most importantly, growing. 

If you are in my class this year, or your student is in my class, I'd like to say WELCOME! We are going to have an amazing year; you'll hear a lot of stories about my cat, my love for The Amazing Race, and Jeopardy! 

If you have any questions please email me at alyssa.barrett@rentonschools.us or call me at 425-204-2073. Below, you will find links to Language Arts and Servant Leadership classes. The information contained on these pages includes: calendars, the syllabus, assignments, and resources. 

Language Arts Class 

Servant-Leadership Class