Hello Parents/Guardians:

As we begin the new school year, I would like to share my classroom expectations to ensure success for your son/daughter this year:

  • to be seated and ready to work before the bell rings.
  • to have all necessary materials each day (assignments should be completed in PENCIL;  scientific calculators are encouraged, however we have a class set of graphing calculators for student use.
  • to respect themselves, others, and materials.
  • to exhibit appropriate behavior in class and in the hallways.

 Grading procedures:

As you are aware, the State of Washington has specific standards that determine the curriculum in the classroom.  In an effort to measure your child’s progress towards meeting these standards, the Renton School District has adjusted our grading policies.  The new policy will break your child’s grade in each class into three categories:

1.      Academic Progress towards Standards (factored into the GPA)

2.      Community Skills (things like behavior, attitude, how they interact with each other in class, etc)

3.      Effort (classwork and homework completion, being prepared for class, etc)

 Each student will receive a grade of 1,2,3, or 4 for each category based on how they measure against the standards in each category.  

 The following concepts will be studied this year for this course:

  • Pre-requisite skills:  integers, order of operation, distributive property, combining like terms
  • Solving multi-step equations
  • Laws of exponents and scientific notation
  • Linear Relationships and Functions
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Angle Measures and Geometric Properties(transformational geometry, angle measure properties)
  • Analyzing and Graphing bivariate data

For a detailed version of what your child will learn at their grade level go to:


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