September 2018-19

Hello, Parents, Guardians and Sixth Grade Math Students!This letter is to inform you of some of the expectations I have set for my students this 2018-2019 school year.  We have a lot of work to do including preparation for this year’s up-coming SBA.  In order to prepare my students in the best, most effective way possible, they must have on a daily basis the following items:


 -pens (for correcting assignments only and please no gel pens or highlighters)

 -math journal


1)    Please understand that I have a strict “while in unit policy” on any late or absent assignment.  Meaning that I will only take assignments from a unit, while we are in that unit.    After this point,  any late or absent assignment will not be graded. Exceptions will be made however, for extended absences.     

2)      A student may redo any assignment with a score of two or less for maximum score of three.  A redo is not subject to the one week late policy but must be turned in by the end of the unit.

3)      Retakes will be offered after school at math help.  There will be a sign up sheet towards the front of the classroom. 

4)      Three bathroom passes per quarter.

5)      To avoid being tardy one must be in their seat before the bell rings.


Sixth Grade Math Curriculum: 

      CC1 CPM Core Connection     


Grades by Category 

Assessments 100%


Community Skills

Each student will receive a grade of 1,2,3, or 4 for each category based on how they measure against the standards in each category.  This will replace our A-F grading system that most of you are familiar with.  We hope this information will be more valuable in helping you assess where your child is in relation to the standards.  I know that many of you will have questions, so I anticipated some of them below.

Grading Scale

4  Exceeding Standard

3  Meeting Standard

2  Approaching Standard

1  Below Standard




Retake Policy

Students can retake any test that is below a 3 for a maximum score of 3


Math Help

(Activity bus is available at 4pm)            

            Tuesdays Magat Rm. 209  

            Mondays Ostrander P7 and  Magat Rm. 209 (alternating)    



Homework  Help (Library)

            Monday,Tuesdays and Thursday  (Activity bus is available at 4pm)



Additional Resources


            Kahn Academy              

            KCLS-Homework Help    


I know we will have a wonderful school year.  If you need to contact me please write down my school telephone number as this form will need to be signed and turned back into me.  Also please remember how important it will be this school year to check student planners on a daily basis


Thank you,

Tim Ostrander

Sixth and Seventh Grade Math

(425) 204-3092

Nelsen Middle School