Pacific Northwest History Syllabus

Pacific Northwest History- Challenge Program 

Ms. Roy -----Room 107-----425.204.3027 


Course Description 

This course will be studying about the history of our region, beginning with our immediate community and working our way out to the region at large.  We will spend a good time looking at the importance of local tribes in the Pacific Northwest.   

The following are units we will be covering throughout this year. 





Classroom Expectations 

  1.  Be respectful of all students, teacher, classroom and school. 

  1. What does this look like? 




  1. Challenge yourself!   

  1. How does this specifically apply to you? 




  1. Be honest 

  1. What does this look like? 




Please be familiar with policies and rules published in the school handbook.   





Academic Expectations:   

In addition to the mainstream curriculum you will also be responsible for additional assignments and homework.  These will include, but not limited to:   

Book Club- reading about a topic with a small group and completing an assessment regarding that book. 

Current Events- Relating events that are happening in our world to the PNW. 

Essays- This year we will focus on argumentative writing.  You will write several essays that will show growth in this area. 

Socratic Seminar- You will use your knowledge to participate in a quarterly Socratic Seminar 



You will be assessed using the Standards Based Grading system.  For more information about Standards Based Grading can be found here: