Welcome to Reading Scholars!  This class is designed to both raise the reading level and reading skills of individual students and shregthen their performance in the Language Arts and other content area classes.  


All students are expected to read on a daily basis.  Students must bring a reading book to class EVERY day so that they are prepared to practice skills in their OWN books.  Please note that the chapter book you bring to class to read, is the SAME book you are reading in your Language arts class.  You can find an independent reading book in our class library, school library, public library, from a friend or from home.



One way for parents or guardians to help improve a student's reading level is by making sure he/she is completing the reading homework - which is reading for 30 minutes each night, 5 times a week.  Your child will have a book mark to record their reading homework on.  I will check bookmarks every Monday.  Your child will receive a grade for the total amount of reading completed for the week.  See the rubric below:

4 = Over 150 minutes/per week

3 = 120-150 minutes/per week

2 = 90-119 minutes/per week

1 = 0-89 minutes/per week



Each student will receive a Pass (P) or Fail (F) grade.  Students are graded on the following:

--Homework (Reading Bookmarks)

---Effort / Participation

---Class Assignments

---Three Completed Books Each Quarter and Plot Map Completed