Hi all,


I am super excited to spend this year together!  For the past 3 years at Nelsen I have been teaching 7th grade Social Studies, World Geography and WA History, but I am beyond pumped to guide you through 8th grade U.S History!  We will be working with a new curriculum, Educurious - PROJECT AMERICA!  This curriculum is project-based, insightful, and will definitely test your critical thinking skills.  This curriculum will utilize Canvas and consist of learning modules loaded with thought provoking questions to guide our learning.  Each module will include peer discussions, notes, snap course videos with quizzes, critical thinking analysis, and end with a culminating project.  Students will also be creating a portfolio, either electronic or written, to use for reflection and to help them answer the question: What does it mean to me to be an American?  I hope you're just as excited about this journey as I am!  I look forward to an amazing year filled with meaningful discussions!