This Advanced Culinary Catering Club / Work Site Learning Class simulates a real business. Students who complete 90 hours may receive a 1/2 A/F class credit.  Students who complete 100 hours receive a chef jacket bearing Renton High's Pride, Tradition and Excellence Motto along with their names.  Students who complete180 hours may receive 1 full A/F class credit.  In this club/class, students acquire a variety of skills in: project management, marketing, backward planning, time management, leadership, teamwork, work ethics and cost analysis.  Operational for the past several years, students have catered a variety of events serving a range from 12 to 500 people per event. Serving both the Renton School District as well as its surrounding Renton communities, students have catered many events each year.  Although not a complete list, some of the major events included:  Seattle International Film Festival, Chamber of Commerce Breakfasts, Friends of Renton Awards Assembly, Demo Day at the Farmer's Market, Native American Urban Youth Day, A Matter of the Heart Awards Breakfasts, Annual RHS Performing Arts and FACSE Faculty Meetings, Track and Field Judges Luncheon, Washington Music Association Breakfast and Luncheon, Girls Basketball Award Dinner, Renton High's Teacher Academy Auction / Fundraiser, and numerous private parties for weddings, funerals, birthdays and holiday events.  We are run entirely by donations which we readily accept and truly appreciate.  Special thanks to Piazza Renton and SIFF whose donations specifically assist in paying for Chef jackets and scholarships.

For more information, contact Aleta Konkol at:

(425) 204-3466