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A Tribute to Keith Renfrew - February 13, 2014 (12 images)

 Recently Advanced and Culinary 1 students stepped up their creative game as they catered appetizers and desserts for this major event at the home of former RHS graduate and architect, Charlie Conner, and Anne Simpson. Students strutted their presentation and taste "stuff" as they catered to a group of Renton's "Who's Who"; attendees included former RSD Superintendent Vera Risdon, current RSD Board President Lynn Desmarais, and RSD Board member Pam Teal. Clients seemed delighted, and students did a terrific job. Later, our RHS Culinary students received delightful comments and accolades at the following RSD School Board Meeting.
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Catering Events from Previous years (32 images)

 Pictures mostly come from 2010 and 2011 school years.
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Demo at the Market Place September 2013 (38 images)

 This is the third year in a row that The Renton Farmer's Market has invited us to do a "Demo Day." This year we did a demo on how to make Jalapeno Hummus. The previous two years have included sushi and egg roll demos. This year Culinary 1 and Advance Culinary students got back into the swing of things as they participated in the first catering event of the 2013/2014 school year.
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Desserts Donated to Renton Teacher Academy Fundraiser 2013 (11 images)

 Every year since the very first Renton Teacher Academy Auction/Fundraiser, Renton High Culinary students have prepared different desserts for the RTA to auction off. Here are those created for the 2013 auction. These included: Former RHS Advanced Culinary Head Pastry Chef Christina Gryniv's famous tiramisu, current Head Chef Derek Duvon Thomas II's German Chocolate cake, Pastry Chef Tien Phan's chocolate cake creation, Current Head Pastry Chef Tamesha Blackwell's Strawberry Lemonade Cake, Senior Pastry Chef Jordan Rosa's Red Velvet Cheesecake, and Chef Julie Nguyen's chocolate covered strawberries.
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Friends of Renton Awards Assembly Event - October 5, 2013 (40 images)

 Advanced Culinary and Culinary 1 students alike stepped up to the challenge of making 2 chocolate and white icing half sheet cakes, 1 marble half sheet cake with cream cheese icing,1 white half sheet cake with lemon icing, and 1 red velvet half sheet cake with cream cheese icing along with 3 small white cakes with white icing each individually topped with red music notes, a map of Italy and 3 red roses. All of the half sheets had roses as well. Students spent many, many hours the week leading up to the event trying to perfect their baking, icing and decorating skills. Although some of their cake skills have a way to go before meeting industry standard, I am always amazed by the level of professionalism, politeness, social skills, commitment, pride, tradition and excellence these young people ages 15 - 18 continually exhibit.
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Urban Native American Youth Day May 2013 (8 images)

 Culinary students provided lunch for a day honoring local Native American Youth. However, culinary students received their own treat as they were invited to many activities including Native Americans demonstrating dance and drum skills as well as learning how to make dream catchers and bead necklaces. All culinary students who participated received notebooks displaying Native American drawings and artwork.
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