9.6.16 Today we copied definitions for the following Vocabulary terms in our notebooks: Algorithm, Computer, Computer Program, Programming, and Programming Language. Remember, these notebooks will serve as useful reference when you are trying to solve a problem, and we will have periodic graded Notebook Checks, so please bring them daily! We then started working through the Lightbot Hour of Code: Hope you enjoyed doing some programming, and feel free to doing more of the Hour of Code at home!

During the first 2 days of school, we:

  • Introduced our 4 TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) volunteers: Bryan Killian of Tableau Software, Flavio Kupperman and King Le of Microsoft, and Dan Doan, a Computer Science major (and RHS Grad!) at Seattle U;
  • Did some ice-breakers to get to know each other;
  • Gave our first homework assignment: write detailed algorithm (set of instructions) for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich;
  • Learned the literal, unintelligent nature of how computers follow instructions.

For Week 2, starting September 6, we will login to the RSD computer network, set up Snap! accounts, and start doing some programming!

If you ever are having any difficulty with anything in this class, you are always welcome to come to my main classroom, Room 321, for help during lunch or after school--I'd love to see you! 

If you would like to see a practical application of Snap!, please check out the Boat on River simulation I made for my Physics classes: