Welcome to IB Higher Level History Year 1!

This is a two year course that aims to encourage students to be knowledgeable and inquiring, but also principled and compassionate. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging students to develop intercultural understanding, open-mindedness, and the attitudes necessary for them to respect and evaluate various viewpoints.

IB History Aims

  1. Develop an understanding of, and continuing interest in, the past

  2. Encourage students to engage with multiple perspectives and to appreciate the complex nature of historical concepts, issues, events and developments

  3. Promote international-mindedness through the study of history from more than one region of the world

  4. Develop an understanding of history as a discipline and to develop historical consciousness including a sense of chronology and context, and an understanding of different historical perspectives

  5. Develop key historical skills, including engaging effectively with sources

  6. Increase students’ understanding of themselves and of contemporary society by encouraging reflection on the past.

I want you ALL to succeed in this class.  If you are having difficulty with something I want you to feel free to ask questions.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking a question in class you may email me at lurline.keopanya@rentonschools.us or leave a note on my desk.