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Dear Parents and Students:


This website will be going away soon.  My new and improved website is on Canvas and here is the link to help you get there! .  Be sure to ask your Bus Mgmt student to help you navigate it the first time.  Here is the enrollment code for HL1:  THRKMG  and HL2:  NFL8PJ


Everything you could possibly want to know about our class will be found in Canvas!  Even daily agendas are posted in "Announcements" so that you can know every single day what was learned and accomplished in our class.  Please let me know if you have questions about how to use the website.  or my classroom phone is 425.204.3484.


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PinnedIB Business Management Course Overview
1st Day_COURSE OVERVIEW_Syllabus.docx
IntroductionSeptember 15, 2014
PinnedSyllabus for IB Bus Mgmt
IB Overview_First Days Materials.docx
IntroductionDecember 18, 2014
PinnedUnit Overviews for Year 1 and Year 2
IB Info for Paren Night.docx
IntroductionSeptember 15, 2014
Grade Scale for 7 pt/4.0 conversion
IB-Grade-Computation-Chart (3).docx
IntroductionDecember 18, 2014