RHS Multicultural Celebration - Important Dates 2017


Date/Time – All events in IPAC

What you need to bring/have completed.


Jan. 31st  (T)                           2:30 –4pm

Feb. 1st   (W)                          2:30 - 4pm


MC Auditions: Create your own introduction to a performance.

  1. Multicultural performance form (submit through this website)
  2. Final list of  performers
  3. Performance max: 3min
  4. Lyrics of Song
  5. Grade Check

Bring the above items to auditions. 


Week 1: Feb    6-10              2:30-4pm

Week 2: Feb.  13-15            2:30-4pm

                 Feb.  16-17            3:20-4pm

Week 3: Feb. 27-Mar 3       2:30-4pm


  1. Outfits need to be approved
  2. Music must be on CD

Tech Rehearsals


March 6-10                            2:30-5pm


  1. Mandatory rehearsals
  2. Outfits

Multicultural Week

March 13, 14, 16       Day Show

March 17                     Evening Show 6pm

March 18                     Day Show 2pm

 Please let us know if you are unable to perform at our day show on Saturday, March 18.

 **All rehearsals outside of the IPAC must be supervised by a staff member or teacher at RHS**