For those of you who don't know me, here is a brief bio:

I began my career as a Registered Nurse, working mostly in the hospital setting in the field of oncology. I did spend some time working in a few other settings such as nursing homes, industrial sites and educational training of healthcare personnel. I have also been involved in operating a family printing business for 24 years and began my career as a high school teacher five years ago. My wonderful family includes: husband, Mr. K, teaches marketing at Lindbergh High; oldest daughter, Emily Seaman, teaches STEM at McKnight Middle School; youngest daughter, Angela, living in New Mexico; dog, Chloe, and an Aussiedoodle. I teach at both Renton High and Lindbergh High and my courses include Health Sciences Exploration, Anatomy and Physiology, and Medical Terminology. I have a real passion for healthcare and am excited to help you explore the many possibilities available to you in this high-demand career field.



1st Year Health Sciences Students for 20134-2015: Welcome to an exciting year of Health Sciences. First semester is Health Careers Exploration where you will be learning about aspects of the exciting field of healthcare. You will be exploring topics such as ethics and legal responsibilities, personal characteristics of healthcare workers, medical math, specific careers in healthcare, and my personal favorite, medical terminology. If you attend all the required classes and pass the skills testing you will earn your Healthcare Provider level CPR/First Aid certificate as well as your HIV/AIDS and Bloodborne Pathogens certifications, requirements for most levels of healthcare workers. For a sneak peek at the syllabus, see the Documents tab to your left.


This class is fun and interactive but it requires a commitment from you to do the work. Attendance is an important aspect because of the amount of material covered in any given day. My background is in nursing and I have a passion for this field of study so I want you all to succeed and will do my best to provide the tools and guidance necessary for you to do so...the rest is up to you. I invite questions and suggestions and am always open to feedback from my students and their families. I teach at Renton High in the mornings and Lindbergh in the afternoons so one-on-one time can be challenging but there is always a way to make that happen.


Please, please, please.....use this website. I update this at least weekly and have the most current documents, homework assignments, useful internet links etc. available for you at the click of your mouse.  I believe this website will be replaced soon with another one so stay posted! Feel free to contact me via the contact button at the left anytime or using my school email address,, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to another great year of teaching some great students!!





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