Welcome to Algebra 3-4 for the 2015-2016 school year!  I am excited to be here and I hope that you are too!

My name is Ms. Paulson.  I am from Michigan and moved to Seattle in December of 2014.  I didn't have a reason to come out here, I just wanted to try something new.  With that said, this is my first year at Renton High School!  Generally, people will put themselves into 2 categories, likes math vs. hate math.  Usually the people that like math are the ones that are good at math and the ones that hate math, aren't good at it.  Like football, dance, an instrument, etc. Math is a subject that requires time and practice.  Just because you are not "naturally" good at math, doesn't mean that you are unable to be good at math.  I am here and exited to here to help you on your journey to become a mathematician!