----The best on-line graphing calculator I've found:

    ----Try this Boat crossing a River simulation;  when boat is done, type "d" or "v" key to see resultant displacement and velocity.

   ----Try this rocket ship simulator! 

   ---Try this Satellite Orbit Simulator:

  --Lunar Lander simulation:  Challenges: see how slow you can make it land; try for a soft landing while maximizing the fuel left. Current class record: 761kg left! 

6.2.17 Hi students! Review Solutions are posted in documents. Have a great weekend, and please complete the review in prep for Monday's quiz! 

5.31.17 Today we discussed Kepler's Laws of planetary orbits, and started applying our knowledge of physics to the Lunar Lander simulation. HW tonight: Read Chapter 14, Satellite Motion, and answer on separate sheet: p210 # 2-9, 11. Tomorrow we'll continue to use Lunar Lander, finish that worksheet, and start our review for Monday's quiz. 

5.30.17 Hi students. I have posted in Documents pdf and Word versions of the Orbital Mechanics powerpoint. Those of you absent last Friday: please look through, and copy the Big Ideas slides into your journal, along with Example 2. Tomorrow we'll do the Lunar Lander (Phet Colorado) simulation. 

5.22.17 Today we used the results from the Grav. Force lab to determine the mass of the Earth. HW Read p172-179 and work page 108 # 8-17 in complete sentences. 

5.18.17 Here is the link for the Gravity simulation we're doing today:

5.10.17 Dear students, Your unit 4 test will be Tuesday. Homework over weekend: Complete the Test Review (solutions are posted for Test Review and for Yummy Practice) and write sentences for the Mult Choice Practice Test in your Journal. On Tuesday, I'll respond to any questions, and we'll discuss the Practice Test. Then we'll take the unit test! ALSO: I'm available after school today and Monday if you want any help. Have a great weekend! 

5.8.17 Hi folks! Today we covered (again) Vertical Motion Practice Problems 2-5 (solutions are in Documents: vmp Solutions 2017) and worked Example 3. I also handed out Yummy Homework (both worksheet and solutions are in Documents) for those who want extra practice. It will be due Friday. Test next Tuesday. 

5.5.17 Happy Friday! Today we worked through problems 1 and 2 of Vertical Motion Practice Problems. Solutions are posted in documents! No Homework: you can finish the worksheet on Monday. 

5.1.17 Hi all! Today we finished our discussion of air resistance, and began considering situations where air resistance is negligible, like when a soccer ball is tossed straight up. The Powerpoints for Air Resistance and for today's slides (Equations of Motion for Freefall) are in Documents. 

4.18.17 Hi Students! Today (after the fire alarm!) we copied Big Ideas from River Simulation, and started work on River Problems worksheet. HW: Complete the worksheet through 3c. For a stamp, you will need to make a scale drawing for 3c, and measure length and angle of the resultant velocity.  

4.4.17 Today we completed Part 1 of the River Simulation, and wrote the conclusion for the motion in 1-D in step 5. We then worked on Part 2, steps 6-10. If you did not complete these in class, you must do so for HW. The link to the simulation is below, and the instructions for the River Simulation are in Documents. Tomorrow you will get a stamp for completing steps 6-10 in your Journal. 

4.3.17 Here's the link for the River Simulation:

3.29.17 Today we corrected "Friction problems" and worked 5b on the test review. Then we took the M.C. part of the Dynamics test. HW tonight: More Friction Problems. Tomorrow we'll check those, and take the FR part of test. Answers to the Test Review are now posted. Study well! 

3.27.17 Today we covered the Test Review. Solutions for that and 2nd Law Practice worksheet are posted in Documents. Homework tonight is the Multiple Choice Test Preparation, also posted in Documents. Make sure you answer questions in sentences in your journal. Your test is Wednesday!!!!!!!! 

3.24.17 Today we started review for test by going through the M.C. questions on the last quiz; we'll wrap that up on Monday. HW for the weekend: complete the Test Review, and Friction Problems half sheet. Both are in Documents if you can't find your copy. And our Unit Test will be Wednesday. Happy prepping! 

3.22.17 Today we finished Newton's 3rd Law of Motion--done with Newton's 3 laws!!!! Homework tonight: 1.Read Chapter 6, Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion  2.On a separate sheet, answer these questions on p83: #1-8,12-14, 19, 26 

3.21.17 Hi all! I see it's been awhile since I've posted, and forgot to post last night's assignment, so here it is: Read Sections 5.1-5.4. On notebook paper, answer p.71 #  1-9, 19, 21; sentences with context!

2.28.17 Hi students! Yesterday we debriefed Friction Lab, looking for trends, and determined that the amount of kinetic frictional force depends only on the normal force between the surfaces and the surface types (which determine the coefficient of friction.) Today we finished the friction discussion, then I distributed worksheet "conclusions from friction lab and 3 examples" (see documents). Tomorrow we'll start the Unbalanced Force lab. 

2.17.17 Students: Yesterday we did the F.R. part of Statics/1st Law quiz, and I collected the FBD homework sheet and the Quiz Review. Today we took the M.C. part of quiz, and finished collecting data for the Friction lab. HW over the break: do Calculations and Analysis for the lab. I gave a half-page handout with instructions: if you lost it, it's part of the Friction Lab pdf in Documents: so NO EXCUSES for not doing the work! To summarize the needed work: you measured the mass of system 1 (the block alone) in grams; convert that to kg, and record it in the first row of Table 2 as Total system mass. Then simply add 0.50kg, 1.00kg, and 1.50kg to the system mass for rows 2-4. For the Normal force column, we discussed that the normal force on the block is the same size as the weight of the block: so multiply system mass by 9.81N/kg to get the normal force. After calculating the for the 4 rows of kinetic and static friction, you should be ready to graph. Use an entire page in your journal for the graph. The normal force goes on the horizontal axis, and the frictional force on the vertical. You'll plot 4 data points for the kinetic friction, and 4 for the maximum static friction, so make sure your graph goes high enough to include all 8 data points. Then follow the instructions on the Calculations part of the lab handout, and answer the 7 analysis questions, as best you can. Please complete this work over the break, and bring it on Monday, so that you can get an on-time stamp worth 4 points, and so that we can have a good discussion.  Wishing you a fun and happy break! 

2.15.17 Hi students!  Today in class we did most of the Friction lab, to be continued tomorrow and Friday. As you know, your quiz on Statics and 1st Law is tomorrow! Please complete the Quiz Review for HW. We'll cover that and the FBD worksheet, and hand them both in, before you take the quiz. If you can't find them, check Documents. 

2.14.17 Happy V. Day! Today in class we completed FBD Example worksheet. HW: Free Body Diagrams full sheet. QUIZ THURSDAY!!! 

2.10.17 Covered Section 5.3, competed Section 5.4 of Dynamics packet. Distributed FBD example worksheet. HW: Friction Lab Pre-lab Preparation. See documents for the handout. 

2.9.17 Today in class we wrapped up Section 5.2, and completed 5.3a. Homework: 5.3 b-e. 

2.8.17  Please complete packet Section 5.2 D in your Journal for homework!!!!

1.19.17 Hi students! Today in class we copied Newton’s First Law, and got definitions for mass and weight (see 1st Law and Weight slides in documents). We then learned the relation between the mass of an object and its weight: W = mg (W is in newtons (N), mass in kg); on Earth, g = 9.81N/kg. So on Earth, W = 9.81N/kg*g. You should be able to use this formula to find the weight of any object on Earth, given its mass. I also distributed the Exam Review and Multiple Choice Practice. You will have the class period tomorrow to work on these; they will be due on Monday. Answer the MC questions in your Journal; answer the free response questions on the question sheet, except for #13, which you should do in Journal. I just posted solutions for both the Exam Review and the M.C. practice Q's in Documents, so if you get stuck, or want to check your answers, check there. Sort by most recent date, and they will come to the top. 

1.12.17 Yikes! been awhile since I updated =(   Today we worked through Dynamics to section 3.5. For those of you who want to re-do the last question on the Kinematics test, you can see the solutions to the 2 Acceleration Problems in the Documents folder. Re-takes are tomorrow and Tuesday! 

12.12.16 Today we covered the HW, "2 Accel Problems". I'll collect those on Thursday. We also went through parts of Quiz 3, Quiz 3 Review, and discussed which timer makes which Ticker Tape. To prepare for tomorrow's test, you should review Quiz 2, Quiz 3, and the Review for Quiz 3. KINEMATICS TEST: main part is Tuesday, 12.13; small 2nd part is on Thursday, 12.15. 

12.9.16 Covered HW, and completed Question 1 of "2 acceleration Problems". Complete #2 for HW. You can find solutions to Quiz 3 in Documents. TEST IS TUESDAY!

12.8.16 Today we completed 5.1, and worked through 5.3. Students copied the equation for v-final in their Motion Formulas in Big ideas. HW: problem 1a only on "2 Acceleration Problems" worksheet (in Documents.)

12.7.16 We had our quiz yesterday. Today we worked through Kinematics Section 5.1. We also checked out textbooks. HW: Read Sections 2.1-2.4. Work numbers 1, and 4-14 on page 25, answering in sentences on a SEPARATE sheet of paper. 

12.5.16 Our Quiz on non-uniform motion is tomorrow, Tuesday. Homework tonight is to finish the Velocity and Acceleration Practice (see answers in Documents folder) sheet I handed out today (skip #3) and also make sure your test review is complete. I'll be collecting both before tomorrow's quiz.

11.30.16 Finished 4.4. (See section 4 slides 4-9; Copy Slide 10). Completed handout: Conclusions from Kinematics: Sections 4,5. HW: Quiz Review, 1st side. Quiz will be this Friday!!!!!!

11.29.16 Completed 4.4 A and B in class (see Section 4 Slide 3). HW: 4.4C. 

11.28.16 Interpreted slopes of graph; Completed 4.3, and 4.4A1. Vocabulary: Acceleration (see Section 4 Slide 2)

11.22.16 We covered HW, worked 2 math examples (slides 21-23 of Section3Slides), and worked through 4.2. HW: complete v vs. t graph for 4.3, and complete worksheet: Interpret 4 situations (in Documents). I also handed out 2016 Bridge Guidelines (in Documents) for a 10-point project that will go in the assessments category. The Bridge is due Jan 3. 

11.21.16 Today I stamped HW (packet sections 3.6-3.9) and we covered them (see slides 15-20 of Section3Slides in Documents.) I collected Section 3 packets, and distributed Section 4. Students worked on 4.1. HW: finish 4.1, and complete the table for 4.3.  

11.18.16 Today we worked through Section 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, and did the demonstration for 3.6 Added to vocab: Instantaneous velocity (see today's slides.) HW over weekend: Finish the packet! 

11.16.16 Today students finished making their position  vs time table for 3.2K, and most completed the graph in 3.2L. For HW tonight: complete 3.2L, including calculating slope of line through start and end points, and cut your ticker tape into pieces, cutting ONLY at the midpoints between pencil marks, e.g. 0.15s, 0.25s, 0.35s, ... and tape them in order in your journal. See "tickertape" pdf in documents.

11.9.16 Today I returned journals. Students then marked their ticker tapes at 0.1s intervals, and measured 3 displacements: total, during 1st half of motion, and during 2nd half. Complete this for HW if you didn't finish in class! Also make sure you have completed the Journal setup for 3.2d: see a scan of my Journal in Documents folder. 

11.8.16 Today I returned the Uniform Motion quizzes, and we covered much of it. We then checked responses to questions 3.1 A and B (see solutions in StudentSlides11.8.16 in Documents), and completed 3.2 A and B. I COLLECTED JOURNALS! Tomorrow we begin analyzing the ticker tapes. Remember that if you want to reduce the impact of your quiz on your grade, you must give me all corrections on a separate sheet by Monday, 11.14. 

10.27.16 Covered HW, determining how to calculate velocity. Introduced Graph Matching Lab. HW: 8 Graph Predictions for tomorrow's lab AND Proportional Reasoning Practice (see documents)

10.26.16 Did Proportional Reasoning Example 2 in teams. Started Kinematics Section 2. Most students got through section 2.4 in class. HW: 2.4-2.8. 

10.25.16 Debriefed Tumble Buggy lab and HW. Vocab: Operational Definition, street and operational defs. for Uniform Motion (see Uniform Motion Vocab Post10.26.16)  Did Proportional Reasoning Ex. 1. NO HW. 

10.24.16 Some teams needed to collect data again; Graphed data. HW: Complete graph, answer 3 Post Lab Q's, and complete worksheet: Big Ideas from Tumble Buggy & Ball on Track labs. 

10.21.16 Finished procedure and collected data for "Steel Ball on Track" lab. 

10.20.16  Started Motion Mapping worksheet (Finish for HW!) Distributed Steel Ball on Track Lab. Did heading, purpose, hypothesis graph, procedure. See Documents for both handouts!

10.19.16  15-minute class: Talked about College! 

10.18.16 Today we worked on analysis section for Tumble Buggy lab, including the analysis of each of your 2 scenarios. Finish for HW if you didn't finish in class, and write your conclusion: Evaluate your hypothesis. 

10.17.16  Today I returned Orienteering Lab Reports, and we discussed them. Students then wrote and an equation for their Scenario 2, agreed on an equation in the team, and put their scenario on a white board. We started the white board discussion, which we'll finish tomorrow. HW for those under 32.5 on test: Unit 1 More Practice (see documents).

10.14.16 Today I checked graphs for Scenario 1, and students collected data for Scenario 2. HW due Monday: graph your data for scenario 2, and show your slope calculations as you did for Scenario 1. You can graph the data on the same graph you put the Scenario 1 data, IF it will fit; if not, make a new graph, called Position vs. time: Scenario 2. And please remember: next week is your last opportunity to re-take test 1, AFTER you have made corrections! 

10.12.16 Here's what we've done this week: Monday: returned and covered Scale drawing part of test, and did pre-lab for Tumble Buggy. Tuesday: Completed Tumble Buggy Lab Design. HW: Make a scale drawing in Journal to find resultant of these vectors: d1: 65m at 153 degrees  d2: 24m at 235 degrees   d3: 67m at 290 degrees.  Today: Took the Forces Pre-Test; Collected data for scenario 1. 

10.6.16 Oops--I see it's been a long while since an update--so sorry! Today I returned the main part of the test, all except Q 11, Scale Drawing, which you'll get back on Monday. We then started Unit 2: Kinematics in 1D. See Tumble Buggy Notes in Documents to see the lesson, and note the homework (Slide 8): write 3 relationships we could study of the form: "If I change ____________, how would it affect ______________?" That means 3 separate sentences. And remember: any LATE or missing work from Unit 1 is due Monday also!   Have a nice 3 days off!

9.16.16 Senior Girls: check this out! App due Dec 11: The Science Ambassadors Scholarship for women studying STEM   A full tuition scholarship is available for a woman seeking a STEM related undergraduate degree, funded by Cards Against Humanity. Please share this with female students in your class! Applications are due in December. Detailed information can be found at

9.21.16. Today we copied 4 vocab terms in Journal: Vector, Scalar, Displacement, and Resultant Vector (see Unit 1 Vocab in Documents.) We then taped "Vectors: Fundamentals and operations: Resultants" in Journals, and recorded 6 displacement vectors for Anoushka's or Demonte's Classroom Journey. Finally we prepared for tomorrow's lab "Orienteering Vectors" by determining the 4 cardinal compass directions, using Smart Phone Apps to get turn smart phones into compasses, and determining who in each team would serve as Sighter, Reader, Scout, and Measurer. Please wear shoes that you don't mind GETTING WET! See Documents for Orienteering Field Procedure.  

9.19.16 Today I collected the letters to me, returned Journals, and students wrote Example 3 in Math Examples, and spent the rest of class writing a conclusion for Activity 1 and measuring the height of the demonstration table in preparation for Activity 2. Students may improve their journal up to 3 points, due by 3pm Thursday. HW tonight: Workshop Physics: Period 2: answer the 6 questions on separate sheet; period 3: in Journal. See documents for scans of side 1 and side 2. 

9.16.16 Today we completed the Calculations (find % of data that lie within 1 standard deviation of the mean) and Results sections for Activity 1, and handed in Journals. We also completed a half sheet on Unit Conversions (see Unit Analysis 9-2016 document). Finally, I told you about me via my Powerpoint. Your HW over weekend: Write me a letter about you, at least 3/4 of a page! See the Tell Me About You document if you can't think of what to say. Have a great weekend! 

9.15.16 Hola! Today we critiqued a student's journal, to make sure we knew what was expected, as I will collect Journals Friday, 9/16. We then discussed the meaning of mean (average) and standard deviation, and showed examples of the "normal distribution" ("bell curve"): the average number of pennies students in a class has would be the number each student would have if they were distributed equally; the standard deviation is a measure of the "spread" of the data (see slides 12-14 of Slides 9.15.16 in Documents). We then put 3 terms in our new Vocabulary section in the back of the journal, (see slide 16) and finally determined the number and percent of data points within 1 standard deviation of the mean.  

9.14.16 Hi Students! This week, we've continued working on Activity 1. On Monday, we worked on conversions, and converted the speed of our fastest throw from m/s to mi/hr (see slides 6-10 of the Powerpoint pdf in Documents.) We then went to computer lab and put the data for the whole class into an Excel spreadsheet. We continued working on the spreadsheet and finished it Tuesday. Today we checked through the spreadsheets to see if we had any errors, and corrected 2 errors in the spreadsheet. If you need to double check any of the data, please look at the Excel Template for your class in Documents. Today I also collected "Way of Science" Question set #2. I'll collect Journals Friday. See slide 12 of the Powerpoint pdf for a list of what should be in the journal. 

9.9.16 Today I collected Question Set #1 (PLEASE complete over weekend and hand in Monday for late credit if you didn't hand in today!), and we got a good start on our Calculations section, starting with a Calculations Table. We completed the Name, t-bar, and speed (m/s) columns for our lab teams. Monday we'll need to convert speeds to mi/hr, and then put data for the entire class into an Excel spreadsheet, in order to find the mean pitching speed for the class, and the standard deviation of those speeds. No homework due Monday: Question set 2 will be due Wednesday. Have a happy weekend! 

9.8.16 Today we covered part of the Student Handbook which was handed out during 1st period. We then worked on Activity 1: finalized our Heading, Purpose, and Procedure sections per the Laboratory Report Guidelines. Tomorrow, I'll collect Question Set #1 from the Way of Science readings, and we'll work on the Calculations section. Materials are also due tomorrow, as well as parent signatures on the Lab Safety sheet. 

9.7.16 Today I stamped homework (Activity 1 Prelab). We discussed that what we are ultimately after in this lab is the speed of the thrown ball. To get this, we need the distance the ball traveled, and the time it was in the air. We practiced data collection in class, and then collected data in the field. Reminder: no homework tonight, but Question Set #1 of the Way for the Way of Science reading is due Friday! 

9.6.16 Today I collected the Syllabus Signature sheets, and handed out Activity 1, to read through for the Do Now. We then finished the Powerpoint (see Slides 9.1-9.6.16 in Documents) that tell about what we'll experience in Physics. We then numbered our Journal pages from 1 to 30, and started taping in these 3 sheets included in the Info packet: Guidelines for your Physics Journal, Laboratory Report Guidelines, and Standard Units of Measure, on Journal pages 8, 9, and 10 respectively. Finally, I assigned homework due tomorrow: Complete Activity 1 Pre-Lab on page 21 of your Journal: Write the Heading (Activity 1: Data Collection and Spreadhseet Use with Pitching Speeds), Purpose (you can copy or paraphrase the purpose given on the activity sheet), and answer the 3 Preliminary Questions in context. If you have misplaced your activity sheet, you can find an e-version in the Documents folder. Please remember to wear shoes you don't mind getting wet! 

9.2.16: Today I collected the first homework assignment, and distributed the Physics Welcome Packet. On this very short day, we covered some important items on the Syllabus, and distributed the 1st big reading assignment: "The Way of Science". Question Set 1 is due Friday, 9.9, giving all answers in sentences that include context. The Syllabus Questionnaire is due, signed by student and parent, on Tuesday 9.6. If you have lost your Welcome Packet, you can find the file in the Documents page to the left, and print another copy for yourself. Also if you were absent, looking at the Slides document will help orient you.

9.1.16: On our first day of school, students wrote their own definitions of Science and Physics. Homework that night was to copy 2 definitions of each of these terms from authoritative sources, citing the sources. We introduced ourselves by saying our name, and one fun thing we did this summer. We discussed required skills for the class (be able to solve simple algebraic equations), and made some distance and timing estimates.