IB Chemistry

Welcome to IB chemistry for 2015-2016

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Documents (powerpoints, videos and practice problems)



 Helpful Outside Links:

YouTube Richard Thornley Review Channel

He is currently working on the new syllabus content. All new material is labeled as new and each coorispons with the sections of our book.

Chemistry Guide

Pages 27-31 show how many hours we are "supposed" to spend on a topic according to IB (since we only have one year we must stick to this pretty well....but I would prefer to spend more time on new topics and less time on topics that were covered in 1st year chem).

Page 32-76 gives a list of concepts (kind of like our knowledge organizers from last year) that you are expected to know for the core topics We will likely work on Option C. Pages 140-149 have the concepts you are expected to know for this option.

Data Booklet

Remember you get this for papers 2 and 3. You will get a periodic table for paper 1.