Joseph R Bento

Room:   131          Phone: (425) 204-3467


Education:  Bachelor of Science, University of Idaho

                      Master of Education, City University of Seattle

                      NBCT (National Board Certified Teacher)Health Education

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Welcome! This course is designed to help you successfully meet requirements for high school graduation as well as to guide you through activities to help you become college and career ready. To achieve these goals, we will meet twice a week on some Mondays and Thursdays. You will be with the same advisory classmates and instructor throughout your high school experience.

Organization:  Most of our focus during advisory will be Navigation 101 which is full of activities to help you to become

A.            Self Aware:                           Identify personal motivations, assets, and character traits.

B.             Knowledgeable:                   Identify a diversity of college, career and life activity options.

C.             Plan Ready:                           Outline a meaningful post-secondary plan that leads to a defined career field.

D.            Qualified:                              Define personal credentials and experiences via written and spoken presentations.

E.             Financially Ready:                Outline a clear plan for effectively financing your post-secondary goals.               

Don’t worry! If these seem fuzzy to you, the activities we work on over the course of our time in Advisory will help you see LIFE more clearly! To achieve excellence, plan accordingly.


 All students start with a passing grade at the beginning of the semester and it is your responsibility to keep it. 

For advisory, a combination of daily activities and classroom participation points will establish your semester grade – please note that Power Hour is Pass/Fail and not a percentage or letter grade.  However, a Pass requires the equivalent of at least 60%.   In order to be granted credit at the end of the semester, students must meet the following requirements:

  • An overall grade of at least 60%.
  • All assigned work must be completed.  You will be keeping a folder for this class that will document activities as well as your daily grade.
  • Maintain regular attendance.  Appropriate documentation is required for any excused absence.  You may lose participation points if you have an unexcused absence.

 Materials: Each day, please bring the following items to class:

  • Pen, pencil
  • Independent reading book
  • Work from another class (Although most of our time will be filled with activities from Nav 101, students work at various paces. You may finish earlier than others, so plan accordingly.)

Classroom environment: The most important rule for this class is RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS. We are here to work, so please come to class on time, be prepared, be appropriate, and be respectful.

RPM (Renton Peer Mentor)  You signed a contract to be a mentor. Please follow all the guidelines to be a mentor including: Java Cram, Homework Help Center, checking in with your 9th graders, etc. 

Junior Year  You are now a Junior. Remember, you have several things to accomplish this year. You will have to make sure that you keep a planner and organize your year. Don’t worry. You were chosen as a mentor because you are great, just make sure to not overload yourself too much this year.

  • Advisory Portfolio
  • RPM
  • Dream Project (UW)

STUDENTS: I have read this classroom syllabus and understand the rules, assignments, consequences, and expectations.  If I have any questions, comments or concerns I will ask my advisor for assistance.

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PARENT/GUARDIAN: My Child has discussed the syllabus with me.  I understand and will support you, your class, and your rules.  If I have any questions I will call my child’s advisor at Renton High School.

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