"Exercise and application produce order in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind, and these make us precious to our friends."
– Thomas Jefferson

Physical Education classes  & Fitness classes 
We will start the return to school from Mid-Winter Break by completing baseline fitness assessments.  This week I would like to complete the half-mile run, push-ups and sit & reach.  If it is not raining on Monday, we will start with the half-mile ***(reminder: you can bring extra layers of clothing to wear outside for any outside activities, but you still must wear your Risdon athletic clothes and only put on extra clothing for outside activities).
We will also wrap up the ErgEd unit with a quiz about the safety protocol and rowing positions.
I'm excited to see everyone again!  Hope you had a great break!!!

WEEK 3: ErgEd Week!!!
ErgEd is an indoor rowing education program that introduces our students to the sport of rowing.  Ergs are indoor rowing exercise machines that helps rowers practice their sport outside of the water.  It is also a great workout for anyone wanting to achieve a full body workout (cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular strength/endurance).  The students will not only learn how to use these amazing workout machines, but participate in beneficial lessons on goal setting, how to self-monitor and gauge intensity and how to work well in teams.  We will spend the whole week on the ergs and cap off the week with four-person relay races (this is always the students' favorite)!  Parents, ask your kids a lot of questions about the activities they are participating in this week and students share and the exciting, fun and challenging times you are experiencing in class!

*Important* If you have not turned in your signed syllabus and/or purchased and labeled P.E./Fitness clothes yet, please do so ASAP :)
  • Monday- We will continue to work on our class expectations and work towards creating a class visual.  
  • Tuesday- Locker Room Expectation Presentation; also, we will learn warm-up and stretching routines.
  • Wednesday- We will learn curl-up and push-up protocol.  If it is not raining we will go outside for a run.
  • Thursday- Finalize our class expectation poster (if we have not already).
  • Friday- First day of choice activities.

**The ErgEd Program will be dropping off rowing machines sometime this week or next.  If they arrive this week, our class will start using them first.  So be ready do get some great exercise in to start the semester!!! :)

Hello new students and families!!!
This is how the first week of the semester will look WEEK 1:
  • Monday- No classes
  • Tuesday- Class Expectations and Lock Cards (I will hand out/go over the class syllabus, I will present class expectations/protocols, you will fill our lock cards so I can prepare locks and have them ready to hand out to you on Wednesday).
  • Wednesday- Locks and Sportfolios ( I will hand out locks to students that have their planners with them (or something in-replace of your planner), you can turn in your signed syllabus for 4 points, you will create your own "Sportfolio").
  • Thursday- First day to dress in P.E. clothes, learn more class protocols, work on class expectations (individualized by each class).
  • Friday- Continue with class expectations/protocols and talk/practice emergency drills/situations.
 Excited to meet all of you and ready to get off to a great start!