Need Help with Energy?

This site includes everything we cover about energy...go peruse:

You know you are ready for the   Energy Final if you can:

  •   List all 9 forms of energy
  •   Provide examples of each of the 9 forms of   energy
  •   Explain the difference between an energy   transfer and an energy transformation
  •   Given a scenario, identify and write about energy transfers and transformations
  •   Draw a diagram showing how light works   allowing you to see objects of certain colors
  •   Explain a method YOU could use to show that   white light is actually made up of a range of colors
  •   Describe how light and sound waves work and   use diagrams to support your description
  •   Compare and contrast the characteristics of   sound and light waves
  •   Explain the conditions necessary to make an   electric circuit work and use a diagram to support your description
  •   Identify all of the energy transfers and   transformations that occur in making a battery,  wires, bulb system work