A New Year Begins!!!! 

I have been here at Dimmitt 18 years now and I have to say the BUZZ this year.....

 ......Is the best it has ever been!!!  We have an awesome new Principal and Assistant Principal.  The returning staff are the most committed and excited I have seen in years.  The community support is the highest it has ever been.  And, of course, the kids who are new and returning are amazing.  I think this could be the beginning of a great era at Dimmitt and possibly the best year we have ever had!! 
 Ok some site navigation tips.  On the left side of the screen are tabs you can click on to take you to different parts of my site. 
  • Home: The site introduction tab, you are here now!
  • Announcements: will include updates for the class about what we are studying and when major math tests and quizzes will be happening. 
  • Documents:  Very Important!! You'll find my syllabus, which includes my grading policy.  There will be the scope and sequence and pacing guide for my math 7 and math 7/8 classes. There are also some suggested homework problems for the second unit of study for math 7 this year.
  • Homework:  I rarely have given homework in the past.  This may change this year so check the homework tab to see if there is any homework that day or that week. 
  • Image Gallery: Might have pictures from class or of Mr. Selly and his family....
  • Links: There will be a link for parents that will leave my page and allow you all to check on your student's GRADES. This tab will also have links to relevant websites that are included to help your child with the math we are working on. Students, are you looking for a great reference to help you remember something from your math past? Click the links tab, then click the link to The Khan Academy, pick a specific topic, watch a short video with detailed instructions on the topic of your choice then take a quiz to see if you get it.  This is a great way to review something from last year, or something new we are going over in class.
  • Contact Me: This tab will allow you to write me a message that will send an email to my email account, or you can write me directly at john.selivanoff@rentonschools.us or call me at 425-204-2838