Announcements For MATH 6 and 7/8


And so it begins......

In Math 6 we started the year with fifth grade review and data displays. Collecting and organizing data in such a way that you can find, communicate and manipulate trends is the way people make many types of decisions in business, science and politics.

In math 7/8 we started off the year with probability.  More and more the study of probability links in with the study of statistics and data analysis.  If you know what people are most likely to do or buy next, you can get in-front of trends to control what people think and buy.  This is huge business now.  It all starts with understanding basic probability.    

Our math work will be framed as group work.  Study, after study, shows that when kids are willing to work with each other and talk about the math with each other, they develop deeper and more lasting knowledge. More and more the job market favors people who can work in a team setting.  Our students need to learn these group processing skills as soon as possible so they will be honed sharp when it is time to enter the work force.  

This may be the first year when your child has been asked to truly take care of other learners.  If I could summarize my hopes for the kids, going forward, it would be that they deepen the ability to ask for and offer help with out fear or judgment. There will be growing pains along the way but the kids that stick with it will benefit the most! Be fearless risk takers for knowledge!!

Looking ahead to year as well as high school math, both are taught through group work.  Like I mentioned before, the workplace is an incredibly diverse place, where projects are rarely done alone. With that in mind, developing the ability to work with many different people, with different strengths to offer, will pay dividends into the future.

Check your grades regularly, either online or talking with your teachers!  If you see something you do not like, make sure to stop in to my room.  I have open office hours at lunch every day or after school on Tuesday and Thursday.  I Will be waiting there to help you study or re-take a test.  Take the opportunity to receive personal one on one help with me, your math teacher!  That's right, free tutoring with the very person who knows you best and can do the most to help you in math and help your grade in math. 

All the Best, Mr. Selivanoff