Welcome to 7th grade Science!!


Welcome to 7th grade science! I am excited to start a new year with such wonderful students. In this class, you will not only be learning scientific material, but how to think like a scientist as well. You will use your power of observation and prediction to make sense of the world around you. There will be lots of hands-on work, labs, and group work throughout the year. 

Science topics this year:

ØEarth Science
ØPlate Tectonics
ØNatural Selectioncrust.png
ØFamily Life 

Classroom Materials:

Ø1 Science section in binderheart.jpg
Ø1 school daily planner
Ø1 pkg. of 4” x 6” notecards for vocabulary
ØPencils or dark pens
ØLoose leaf paper 

Rules To Live By
(In life and Mrs. Mayfield’s Classroom)
Knowledge comes from experience. If you do not try, you do not learn!
You must work hard for the good things in life…if they were easy to come by, then everyone would have them!
No man is an island; what you do effects the people around you, both positively and negatively.