Regan Documents (2nd semester)

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Discussion Questions-Homework
Questions for Discussion-Homework.pdf
HomeworkMarch 2, 2017
Essay Outline Graphic Organizer
literary analysis outline.modified.docx
Graphic OrganizerMarch 14, 2017
Essay Outline PPT
PPTMarch 10, 2017
Figurative Language Anchor Charts
Figurative Language Anchor Charts.docx
Anchor ChartsMarch 10, 2017
Interpreting Figurative Language
Interpreting Figurative Langauge Bluhm.Reagan.pptx
PPTMarch 8, 2017
Symbolism PPT
PPTMarch 6, 2017
Theme Extended Response Graphic Organizer
setting and conflict to theme organizer.docx
Graphic OrganizerMarch 7, 2017
Theme Extended Response Q3
theme extended response quarter 3.docx
RubricMarch 2, 2017
Theme Graphic Organizer
Theme graphic organizer.docx
Graphic OrganizerMarch 7, 2017