Special Project

Final projects:

Each TA will choose one of the following projects to complete during the semester. Projects are due one week before the semester ends.

  1. Pathfinder – Students will select of topic a interest and create a pathfinder for that topic based upon resources available through our library. Pathfinders serve as a guide for research projects and contain information on valuable and reliable websites, print resources, and digital media. For this project, students may wish to select a topic that might assist them in another class. The pathfinder should include full bibliographic information for each resource and a short annotation for each source. Various types of sources should be included and websites should be hyperlinked. Students will use Microsoft Word to create the pathfinder. The pathfinder should include at least 10 sources.
  2. Book Trailer – Students will select a fiction book from our media center to read. This needs to be a book that the student has never read. Upon completing the book, students will create a book trailer, similar to a movie trailer, about their selected book. The book trailer must include the title and author of the book and it must present information about the book without spoiling the ending. The purpose of a book trailer is to entice others to read the book. Use of Risdon students in the videos must gain preapproval.
  3. Author Study – Students will select one author from our media center collection to research. Students may use Power Point, Sway or any other approved presentation program to create their presentation. The presentation should include all facets of the author’s life: birth and death dates (unless author is still living), place of birth, childhood, family life, education, how they decided to become an author, current facts, photos of the author, book cover photos from at least three of the author’s books, and common themes in their literature. This presentation should be created in such a way that the viewer would be interested in reading the author’s books. Make it exciting and appealing. 
  4. Display – Students will have the opportunity to develop a display that promotes the library’s resources. The design for the display should be reviewed with Ms. Kurspahic before implementation. A written explanation of why the student chose this particular display and a list of the titles used should then be turned in.