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7th Grade Reminders
Posted by Abby LeBaron on September 19, 2017 at 6:30pm

Good evening,

It has been a busy start of the school year and am excited by all the students who are eagerly reading, writing, and talking about their books.  Today we made it to the library for orientation, so students now know even more resources available to them through the school library as well as the public library.  Over the next two weeks students will begin to do exit-tickets for grades as well as continue minute-checks to gauge their at-home reading.  

At-Home / Homework Reminders:

  • Students need to be reading 120-150 minutes across each week for success in class and as a life-long reader.  These minutes need to happen outside of the ELA classroom or what we are referring to as “at-home” reading (anywhere a student reads apart from in-class reading).  These minutes could be broken down for 30 minutes each night as official homework or students can read longer on the weekends or other nights to fit their schedule best.  


  • Students should be doing “Stop & Jots” each time they read; these jots can be recorded on post-its that are available in class or they should write directly into their notebook by growing their spider chart, literary elements chart, or developing deeper thinking with a t-chart for evidence and extended analysis.


  • Minute-Checks will occur each Friday at the start of class; although, these are effort scores there is a strong connection between their independent reading work and the work they can produce in class across a variety of assessments.  

 Level 4 = 151 + minutes “at home”

 Level 3 = 120-150 minutes read “at home”

 Level 2 = 90-119 minutes read “at home”

Level 1 = 0-89 minutes read “at home” 

In-Class Reminders:

  • Each day students must have their independent, Just Right, reading book, reading book mark, and reader’s notebook.
  • When students finish a book, they need to make it a priority to get a new one as we read each day in class to try on the strategy or skill we just worked on together in the mini-lesson.  Students can check-out books from the classroom library, but they can also put book on hold through the school library catalog, so they can plan what to read next.  Students need to read a fiction text for their JR Book. 

Please reach out by email, phone, or through the 7th grade counselor to schedule a meeting in person.  

Thank you, 

Ms. LeBaron 


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