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Grades & October Updates
Posted by Abby LeBaron on October 15, 2017 at 1:23pm

Good afternoon, 
I realized that there had been many students who couldn't see their grades in Skyward.  After working with the district, the problem should be fixed.  If you happen to check your student's grades, they check and can't find any, or if you have grading questions, please reach out.  At this point, all grades should be viewable.  In the future, if you can't see grades within 10 days of the new quarter, please let me know as there might be another technical problem in the gradebook that needs to be worked out.
As we approach the end of the quarter, students will receive a few more grades for reading skills: citing evidence, developing themes, and recognizing how characters develop.  All students will also be drafting and publishing their narratives.  By the end of the week, all students will have had access to computers at school to get their drafts typed and revision work started.  The "final" version of their narratives won't be due until closer to the end of October, but students will have writing homework each day if they do not get to the necessary place during class time.  Students will be typing within Google Classroom and can access their writing from any computer with a web browser.  I will be teaching students how to use the app and it will hopefully be an easy transition. If students need to stay after-school to use the computers, they should try to stay on Thursdays as the Library is an approved activity and can take the activity bus home.  
In the meantime, please make sure your student(s) is still reading at least 2 hours a week "outside" of class / at home in their JR book and practicing citing evidence and analyzing it by using the guides for Stop & Jots on the back of their bookmarks.
Lastly, our October Reading Challenge is almost 1/2 over:
8th graders = Read 3 books in October (400+ pages = 2 books)
7th graders = Read 2 books in October or take the Super Challenge.  
As we move forward, it really is the expectation that if students are reading a minimum of 2 hours a week on their own time and reading each day in class, then they should always be able to read 2 books a month, if not many more.   
Please email or call if you need more details regarding class, expectations, or grades! 
Thank you, 
Abby LeBaron 


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