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8th Grade End of Quarter Reminders
Posted by Abby LeBaron on October 26, 2017 at 4:42pm

8th Grade Families:

Students are in the process of finishing their personal narratives centered around an important experience / moment.  I am looking forward to seeing their finished writing soon and would encourage you to ask to see it!

Students may stay afterschool this Monday, 10/30 during the activity period to make up any missing work, to take a test revision /correction, or to work on their narratives. Students just need to let me know they are staying by Monday morning and then be in the classroom by 2:40. 

I'm including a few dates below that outlines the rest of this quarter and Just Right book information for quarter 2.  Please reach out if you have questions.  


Need to Know:

Next Steps:

Friday 10/27

Last day in class for students to work on their personal narratives

Students can still access their personal narratives outside of class through the Google Classroom tool.

Monday, 10/30 &

Tuesday, 10/31

Extended Response in class on JR Book

Students have had the chance to prepare for this during reading zone this week.  If they haven’t done so yet, it is important for them to have several pieces of evidence marked in their book that supports a complex theme.

Tuesday, 10/31 at 11:59 pm

Personal Narrative Due – submit through Google Classroom by “turning in”

Students can turn their work in earlier, if it is ready to be graded and will have computer access on Tuesday in class for submission.

Wednesday, 11/1

Hand in revision work by today to impact their 1st quarter grade (which is more of a progress report before the end of 1st semester) 

Encourages students to check their grades  

Thursday, 11/2

Introduction to Unit 2/Quarter 2 work, which will be centered around Science Fiction as a genre study and argumentative writing later in the quarter.

Encourage students to begin thinking about selecting their next book within the genres of Science Fiction (not Fantasy) or Dystopian. 


They will need to have their Sci-Fi or Dystopian book in class on Monday, 11/6.